Phoney iYogi Scam websites and ruses by nefarious scam elements

There is no end to the number of posts that purportedly try to show iYogi as a scam. Mostly these are created by people with vested interests, third-party individuals and sundry competitors to downgrade iYogi.

These phoney iYogi scam posts, slyly inserted comments and sites are attempts by scam artists to mislead genuine customers and lead them astray.

iYogi stands head and shoulders above other tech service providers and is the first Global Consumer Tech Support services brand from India. With thousands of customers spread across the UK, US, Canada and Australia, it provides a global toll-free number for a call-anytime service.

With growing popularity and global reach, iYogi scam websites and maligning posts and comments have also quite caught up pace. Albeit, for all the wrong reasons. It is interesting to observe the various ploys devised by third-party individuals and competitors to blot iYogi’s image and reputation.

For instance, one competitor pulls up iYogi scam comments and posts on his website, and simultaneously, he cleverly promotes his own website/company by quoting that his company can fix technical issues better than any other online computer repair services.

Another compared iYogi to a “villainous virus”, a “cruel cancer” and a host of other malevolent adjectives. These derogatory iYogi scam remarks and comments are based on nothing, not even actual consumer experience, with only the sole intention to bury iYogi’s image and cleverly devise alternate solutions for self-planted problems. Of course, the solution being the competitor’s or third-party individual’s website/company, which he is promoting.

The two examples are not the end of it. There are other competitors who claim “to fix” problems “without spending a dime”. In fact, there is nothing remotely close to an problem, simply figments of the competitor’s imagination. To gain prominence and utilize iYogi’s brand name to promote their own websites/companies, these individuals plant raucous iYogi scam posts and comments to drive traffic into their own websites.

Other competitors, while posting iYogi scam comments, also go to the extent of providing “tips” to remove from PCs. Such tall and feisty claims do not compute even remotely close to a realistic product or a problem that exists, but their sole motive is to prick into iYogi’s brand image and reputation.

While iYogi keeps a tab on derogatory and malicious iYogi scam comments and posts, there is really nothing much iYogi can do to stop them from coming. At the end of the day, competitors and hawkish third-party individuals, hover around the online world waiting for the right opportunity to plant iYogi scam websites and comments, no matter how rigorously they are monitored.

However, as opposed to all the negativity and as a total flipside to malicious iYogi scam campaigns and propagandas, iYogi takes heart from positive feedbacks and commendable responses it receives, based on actual consumer experience, from its customers across the globe.

For instance, Shelia Bailey from Florida writes, “The technician listened to my wishes and took the time to make sure all of my requests were answered and resolved… Keep up the good work! Thank you for all of your help, I couldn’t have done it without you!!!!”

While David Aguirre from California quotes, You guys are awesome, it was  a great help, dont know what i would do without your help, THANKS!!!!!!!!!!… just keep on doing what you guys do”.

Charles Rich from Virginia sums it all up by saying, “I liked it because the person was very adept at what he was doing… I can’t see where you can improve your service.  You cover all there is to be done.”

Such reviews from customers around the globe keep iYogi ticking and drive it to command one of the highest customer resolution rates and one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry.

iYogi also provides a platform for genuine customers with genuine complaints. For customer complaints and feedbacks on iYogi products and services, iYogi has a forum open for customers to discuss and share their woes and concerns based on their actual consumer experiences with iYogi. There is also an option to fill-up an iYogi complaints form that these complaints and feedbacks touch base with the concerned persons and customer issues are resolved as soon as possible.

Aklin06 Nov, 2014

After going through the iyogi scam alert section, I have decided not to carry out any financial task via online. Internet is the biggest platform where anyone at any point of time can trap you into their false tricks. Iyogi helped in keeping me update about the current scam going on. Its good to feel that you are safe from being scammed.


Cyril10 Oct, 2014

Whenever I come across any suspicious call coming on my phone, I simply ignore it. However, before I went through iyogi scam alerts, I actually used to answer each and every call, in fact, I never neglected any call. But now, I completely ignore calls coming from unknown numbers.


Grady02 Oct, 2014

I have been subscribing to the iYogi services for the last one year and am planning to extend this subscription soon. I am very happy with the way the iyogi technicians have dealt with whatever issue I came to them for. I totally agree with the writer for saying that all iyogi scams are baseless and sheer handiwork of people who are out to malign the company’s image. I am with iyogi… Good Luck!


ELIHU30 Sep, 2014

I have been getting one ring missed calls from some unknown numbers on my phone for a long time. Calls from unknown number rings only once and then goes off. I referred to iyogi scam alerts page to find out if it’s a type of any scam and that’s when I realized that scammers were trying to trick me through one-ring phone scams.


Debbie19 Sep, 2014

One fine day I got a call from a number claiming that they are calling from Department of legal affairs of the US treasury. They made numerous phone calls, which were constantly annoying. In the effort to find what it was, I came across iyogi phone scam alert on web and read their article. That’s when I realized that scammers have been trying to trick me through spam calls. Totally annoying people!


Atkinson10 Sep, 2014

I’m quite happy with iyogi’s effort to make their customers aware about the harmful scams, which keep emerging every now and then these days. The article is quite informational and has every bit of much-needed tidings. Please keep us updating more on this topic. It will be helpful.


Attenborough01 Sep, 2014

I’ve been availing services of iYogi for the past one year and so far it has been a wonderful experience. But lately there is a certain lot that’s trying to deprecate iYogi’s role in the current digital society. Behold people! iYogi never asks for your personal information ever. This company is backed by highly skilled tech professionals who are friendly and helpful fellows and are there to resolve your tech-related queries. They aren’t there to dteal your personal information.


Jamere Flower20 Feb, 2013

I am getting calls from various unidentified numbers. Just a small call and then it gets disconnected. My friends say it is from scammers and so I don’t revert back. Any idea guys? What should I do?

Roy Arthur

7 Feb, 2013

I keep checking with iYogi Scam alerts from time to time to check out latest Internet scams and hoaxes. I must say that they have taken great efforts in coming up with timely updates of online scams and revealing devious schemes of con artists. Kindly keep posting more such information and news on online frauds.

Adrian Chavez

1 Feb, 2013

Why would a company notify its customers if it is running a scam? This news piece clearly shows that iYogi is truly concerned about its customers and is not involved in any kind of scams. The article has enhanced my confidence in the company…

Alex Larreynaga

22 Jan, 2013

I agree with you Mike. Two years back, I used to get a number of calls from Dell executives offering me a free computer scan. Since I am not a Dell customer in any way (I have a HP computer and a printer), I was doubtful of their intentions. On a friend’s advice I checked the issue with Dell’s customer service and it was then that I got to know that the calls were not from Dell but some spammer who wants to send nasty virus on my computer. I was saved!

Eric Thompson, Virginia Beach

11 Jan, 2013

“iYogi Scam”, “villainous virus”, a “cruel cancer” – don’t these deprecating remarks and adjectives sound very much like desperate attempts of scammers and competitors to knock down iYogi’s popularity. Isn’t it clearly understandable that scammers are simply cashing in iYogi’s popularity to scare people off to sell off their own evil schemes? Nothing comes for a free lunch and how come some companies would fix “ problems without spending a dime”?

Mike Tozzi

10 Jan, 2013

I have heard about scams on the names of many service providers, including big players like Dell and Microsoft. I’m sure that no good company will ever be involved in false practices to bring down its name. This is the job of competitors or scammers whose sole purpose is to make quick money…

Lonnie Minter

4 Jan, 2013

“I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.” – Albert Einstein What Einstein told generations back is proving good today. Hackers can dupe only those who get lured by their fake offers…

Charlie Brown

1 Jan, 2013

I thank iYogi for bringing up latest updates about online scams and frauds. I’m a regular reader of your blog and find it very informative. I share the information that you post with all my friends. I would appreciate if you update the blog more often. This will give us more information on ongoing scams and frauds…

George Nixon

26 Dec, 2012

Many companies try to deceive people by selling their services as iyogi. And there is a huge different between the tech support provided by iyogi and other companies. I am with iyogi since three years and I hardly faced any issue up until now.

Linelle Ongsee

19 Dec, 2012

Looks like someone’s trying to defame iYogi’s image… It could be competitors; it could be scammers who are interested in nothing but money. I have used iYogi twice and they are good at their work. Both the times, the tech engineer resolved my issues perfectly. Rather than believing technicians who call you, call the customer support team yourself. The numbers are toll free…. I think this is the best way to protect yourself.


17 Dec, 2012

My friend got a call from a person who introduced himself to be an iyogi technician. He offered her free antivirus scan and asked her to give him the remote control of her PC. But she was not really sure if he was from iYogi, so she started asking him some details that he was reluctant to provide. Since she sensed something fishy, she refused to give him the access to her computer and disconnected the call. Later when she called up iYogi, she got to know that none of their technicians had called her. It was a scam call designed to con her…

Joseph D.

12 Dec, 2012

I called iYogi tech support thinking it to be McAfee support site. The technician who answered my call cleared my misconception and described me about their company. I was happy that he did not cheat me by pretending to be McAfee support center. He asked my problem and readily offered a solution. Since I was a bit hesitant in trying them, he offered me their single incident plan. I opted for that plan and he worked on my PC and completely fixed all the virus issues that I was facing. I found their services really genuine and up to the mark. I will surely try them next time as well.

Paul Harvey

6 Dec, 2012

Hey Chris… I too agree with you. I have been a proud customer of iyogi for the last two and half years. During this entire period, I must have called iyogi techs more than 100 times. They never ask for your personal information such as banking details or credit card number details etc. These guys are too professional and only talk about your computer and the technology related. As far as monetary transaction is concerned they leave it on their IVR system. But, yes they do tell you about the IVR’s functioning before asking you to use it. They really cant be stealing your information for other use.

Ryan Moore

30 Nov, 2012

This is an age-old promotional trick to tear down competitors’ brand name and reputation in order to gain trust of targeted customers. Thus, they get to acquire more customers. Though such promotional tricks are quite widespread but I don’t agree with these. Hence, I don’t believe in complaints on iYogi being a subscriber of iYogi.

Justin Payne

21 Nov, 2012

Scammers play every card from their deck to dupe people with lucrative offers and opportunities to make us spend money in their bogus schemes. Hence, we got to tiptoe while surfing the Internet and save us from lucrative offers. Thanks iYogi Scam Alert to keep us acquainted wi