iYogi Scam Alerts: Online Dating Scam as a Pity scam

Get iYogi scam alerts on online dating scams and frauds to keep you protected and secure online. In the past, dating was something done in person, basically face to face. But in today’s technological environment, online dating is in vogue. Meeting people over the Internet is becoming easier and less risky. With the increase of online dating, the vulnerabilities of the online dating scam are on the rise. One of the most infamous scams is ‘Pity Scam’. This generally consists of the ‘scammer’ contacting the ‘victim’ online on some social networking forum or through e-mail. The scammer sends attractive photos via the Internet and extracts the information from the victim through friendly chat. Eventually, the scammer pretends to live in a foreign country and needs money for fraud activities. The victim gets compassionate and sends out the money, via PayPal. Since then, the victim does not get to hear anything from the scammer. This way the victim falls prey to online dating scam. Read more

Here’s what a typical message looks like:

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Dorothy Thompson, Sunderland
19 July, 2011

Heartbroken again!!!
After the failure of my first marriage I was very depressed and then decided to try on online dating. After months of search I found John, who seemd like a good person with a good heart. He was living in New York and said he was desperate to meet me. But there was one problem that he was financially broken at that time. I agreed to send him $2000 and after that I never heard from him again. I was once again heartbrokenL!!!!!!!!

Larry Hill, Fresno
25 April, 2011

Hi Edward, first of all people like you should be never looking for online dates! We were falling in love it seems…sounds more like she was sizing you up for the scam! And you yourself forced her into accepting payment for her sick brother…very generous but extremely stupid of you! Hope you learnt your lesson, buddy!

My friend was duped..

Joshua Anderson, Illinois
15 April, 2011

Online dating is an out and out scam!! A friend of mine was duped by a girl who was supposedly from the same town. The girl became friends with him in about a fortnight and she started asking him for money. He was gullible and he paid her when she said that she would pay back in person. I believe he lost about 500 bucks. She stopped replying and calling the day they were supposed to meet. Talk about this fellow”s stupidity, huh?

Edward Brown, California

08 April, 2011

In an urge to try out my luck with women I registered on an online dating site. I started talking to a girl and found her to be interesting and fun to talk to. We used to talk regularly and realized that we were falling in love. One day she told me that her younger brother had met with an accident and she was busy with arranging finance for the hospital expenses. I willingly offered her to pay for some, initially she refused but then she agreed when I stressed. After sending her the money, she stopped coming online and that was when I realized that I had been duped. It turned out to be an online dating scam in which I was framed.

Online Dating Scam

28 February, 2011

It won”t happen to me. That”s what I thought as I got involved with an online dating scam. I went with my eyes closed, and I didn”t see the signs. I knew there was a chance that I might be scammed, but who wants to think about that? Thinking about that kind of stuff is a good way to ensure that you never find the right woman. It turns out that I found her, and she wasn”t the girl for me. Why wasn”t she the right one? It was because she was a prostitute.

I have never paid for sex and I don”t intend to start anytime soon. So when I met this girl online, I thought she was legit. She showed good interest and she seemed interesting. She checked out, so to speak, and didn”t send off any immediate warning signs that something might be wrong. She was a great girl to hang out with, and I was glad be chatting with her online.

Then she wanted to meet. She got pushier. She wanted to get friendly. When we met for dinner, things went alright. It felt like any other first date. When she asked if I wanted to go home with her, I just figured that I must have done something right. That”s when she dropped the bomb on me. She started listing service prices like I was sitting at a wine bar. I immediately excused myself and thanked my lucky stars that I hadn”t been killed or robbed in my online dating scam.