iYogi Scam Alert: Warns you of Online Software Scam

iYogi has issued an iYogi ScamĀ AlertĀ on online software scams. In these scams, if the victim downloads or buys a fake version of the original software from the Internet, it may lead to loss of his personal information and also lead to his PC getting infected with viruses. One must always be alert when purchasing software online. This Alert has been released to educate readers about existing scams and to prevent them from becoming a victim. The scamsters tempt the victim by selling the fake software at a very low price. These crooks use auction sites, such as Google, Yahoo!, etc. to trap innocent victims. Read more…

Martin, Germany

13 June, 2011

Beware of Cyber Criminals!

One day when I was searching something on Google, I saw an advertisement stating that branded software is for sale at a very cheap rate. Have you guys read any ads like this? After searching about this, I learnt that these types of software are called OEM. These types of software are not legal because they are mainly sold along with hardware. So, don”t fall for this kind of scam!