iYogi Scam Alerts: Fake Antivirus Scam

Antivirus programs can be best described as software that can protect computers from harmful malware infections. The ever-growing demand for antivirus programs has prompted malware developers to create fake antivirus programs. The malware look like genuine antivirus programs but they are malware. They infect a computer without the user”s consent and in some cases, the malware even render a system inoperable. iYogi has done extensive research on fake antivirus scams and it has released iYogi alerts that provide users with information regarding how to remove fake antivirus programs and other software that cause scams from a computer. Read more…


Karen Young, South Carolina

19 July, 2011

I too had the similar experiences. Every time I am browsng through the net these pop-ups arrive and thank god I won”t click on them. But I want to know whether there is any way to prevent these pop-ups from occurring at all????

My good luck saved me

Allen Young, Cleveland

19 May, 2011

I almost lost my money in a fake antivirus scam. I installed a multimedia playback freeware and a supposedly “good antivirus program” was installed along with it. Next morning, when I turned my system on, I saw many windows that said that my system was infected with deadly malware. As my roommate is a computer expert, he was able to understand that it was a fake antivirus program and he removed it after a bit of struggle. I was able to get all my data back because I think I was lucky!!

Sarah Taylor, Portland

11 May, 2011

Yesterday, while browsing the net I saw a triangular pop-up that appeared on the screen; at first I was scared when I read that my system was infected and requires antivirus protection. But then it struck me that I was using the latest edition of AV and I decided to not to respond to the warning. Now I know I did the right thing!

Keith Rivera, Montana

04 May, 2011

Patience is very necessary
One fine day while browsing the Internet, I saw a pop-up message that alerted me about the presence of a virus. Initially, I ignored the pop-up message but as it started appearing frequently, I became impatient and I finally clicked on it. Guess what? The pop-up itself was a bundle of viruses and by clicking the pop-up message, I didn”t know that I was making their way into my system. Now my system is all dead L. It obeys the instructions of malware more.