iYogi Scam Alerts: Inheritance Scams make a killing!

The latest ‘iYogi Scam Alerts’ invites attention of the Internet users on inheritance scams. This is one of the latest scam detected, which may try to steal your money or other personal information claiming that you may have one of your long relative in any distant place, who had died and you have to share your personal or banking details to claim his property inheritance. These types of surprising calls and e-mails are increasing, as these are just scams and not really true. Users can identify such scams by checking the sender of the mail; refer with any business bureau etc. Only give your personal information or money after confirming it’s not fake. Read more…

Harris Paul, New York
16 August, 2011

My friend got scammed!
Online Inheritance Scam reminds me of my friend who once came knocking at my door. I answered his call to hear him screaming ”I am a millionaire” many times before he passed out. He woke up to his misery, as I explained to him about such online inheritance scams, of which one was mailed to him by some scammer. iYogi is helping plenty out there to help them not meet a tragic end, and I truly appreciate your efforts.

Lisa Lee, Kentucky
12 August, 2011

My Mom lost Her Savings!!
My mom sent a good deal of her savings to these online cheats; they convinced her that she will receive a lump sum amount of I don”t what, and finally they wouldn”t pick up her call. I advise pals out here to ignore such organized online mafia. They wouldn”t know how it is like to earn money the hard way.