iYogi Scam Alerts: On Mystery Shoppers Job

Mystery Shopper offers jobs that are fun and Shopper”s can earn extra money too, this helps large companies to know more about their products and services. Many scammers use this as a trick to lure people and take money out of their pockets. ‘iYogi Scam Alerts’ points out about these online companies that advertise “Mystery Shopper Jobs” but all of them are not legitimate.

In today”s world, everyone likes shopping and many professionals in their respective field consider Mystery Shopping as a part-time activity, at best scammers take advantage of this. After conducting extensive research, iYogi point out some necessary points one needs to check before involving in any such opportunity in its’ recent release on ‘iYogi Scam Alerts’ series.

According to this report, all the mystery shopping job opportunities are not scams. Many companies do hire independent market research companies to evaluate the quality of service and products in their stores. Read more…

Stan Morris

21 Mar, 2013

Hey, not all these jobs are scam. I’ve tried my hands on couple of them. It worked for me. I’m a part-time student and these jobs help me earn some pocket money. But thank you for educating me about the scams involved around these jobs. Next time I’ll be more careful while opting for them…

Brian Webb

15 Feb, 2013

Alike Jeffrey Campbell, I have also often thought of responding and accepting the mystery job post and marketing survey scam e-mails. But my instinct always stopped me from doing this. And now after reading iyogi scam alerts I have decided, I will never even open such bogus e—mails.

Jamia Francisco

27 Nov, 2012

iYogi is doing a great job in educating us about the latest scams besides offering great tech support services. It is very shocking and surprising to know about the various methods devised by these evil-minded people in luring the common people. However i must say that it is only the greedy people who become victims of these scamsters. In my opionion one should not run behind easy money and work hard. The only satisfaction is attained through hard work only. On the same hand, i cant stop myself from applauding the initiative taken by iyogi to update its customers about such scams. Keep it up guys!

Jeffrey Porzio

23 Nov, 2012

In this fast moving world where you cant trust anyone at the first instance. It’s very good to read the iyogi scam alerts. The iyogi scam alerts section keep you updated with latest scams that are going around on the Internet world. It’s very appreciative that they are doing such a social cause for the benefit of others.

Paul Danahar

16 Nov, 2012

My friend subscribed for a company that promised to offer him money for the online research he does for them. He did all the hard work just to realize that the company was a fraud and did not pay him a penny for his inputs. Scams like this are very common on the internet. Beware!

Dylan Yach

9 Nov, 2012

I whole-heartedly agree with Aiden. iYogi is doing a novel job by spreading awareness about internet scams. It has become very crucial to educate people about fake offers that are put up on the Internet through these scam artists. I regularly read iYogi scam alerts and keep myself alert about the ongoing scams and frauds.

Chase Meyers

6 Nov, 2012

We all go through a bad phase in life when money is concerned. The word ‘Free’ always attracts us. It’s human tendency to search for free software, free music, free movies, etc. etc. The scammers too are taking adavantage of this and try to lure us by offering easy money, free download of music, movies etc. But we should keep this in mind that they embed their malicious programs in these free offers which they use to steal our personal data. iYogi is doing a great job in informing us about the latest scams that are prevalent on Internet and the methods used by them to attract common people.

Jeffrey Campbell

1 Nov, 2012

All that glitters should be gold, however, the reverse is true. And thanks iYogi Scam for opening our eyes and alerting us of mystery shopper job scams. I have often thought of responding and accepting the mystery job post and marketing survey scam e-mails I keep receiving from time to time.

Aiden Foggin

23 Oct, 2012

Besides offering excellent computer tech support services, iyogi is doing a social service by informing innocent people about the various methods employed by scammers to dupe people of their hard-earned money. Kudos to iyogi for their excellent service. keep it up iyogi.

Loraine Bean

18 Oct, 2012

Today e-commerce is the most happening thing. Online retails shops have mushroomed here and there and people too are taking their help to buy items of their choice. I was once approached by a market survey company through phone. They asked me to deposit a certain amount of money before participating in the survey. I was about to transfer the money, but just then i came across iyogi scam alerts. I was shocked to know about such kind of scams and was saved from becoming a victim. I am very grateful to iyogi for this timely rescue.

Roberto González S.

16 Oct, 2012

I’ve always receive messages and emails that promise of giving money a source of amusement. I never believe them. They are just crafted to dupe you. I don’t understand how people trust these messages. Why do they think that someone would want to transfer his property or money to them, why not to some charity? Friends, please look for information on internet before trusting these mails. Sites like iyogi scam alerts are good source to keep yourself updated. Read them…

Kurt Criwell

11 Oct, 2012

like sam, I too find iyogi scam alerts very informative and useful. sam, there is one app in the market with the name scam detector. But I don’t know how genuine it is. If you install it, let me know your feedback…

Sam Valley

9 Oct, 2012

I’m a regular follower of iyogi scam alerts. They are a nice read. I feel we should have some app that can detect such frauds, like antivirus and other security software… Then it will be easy to understand what’s genuine and what’s fake..


4 Oct, 2012

iyogi not only provides excellent tech support, iyogi scam alerts also help me gain knowledge about latest scams and frauds… Scams are becoming very common these days… I really appreciate your action to update customers about these scams. The safety tips are very useful and I’ll keep them in mind for better protection.


22 Sep, 2012

Basically, these kinds of scammer targets people who love shopping. Hey… Good job done iYogi. This alert is a good piece of information; one can get to know about online scams.

Jason Wright, Pennsylvania

18 Aug, 2012

Greedy people are trapped!!!!

I think people who are very greedy get trapped in this mystery shopper scam. As they are lazy and stupid they think that they can earn a good income with just shoppng, which they enjoy. What they don”t know is genuine companies won”t give job offers through emails, they only select person after conducting the screening process and they won”t ask you to wire back the money either. The people who end up duped in these scams often lose their money and time!!!!!!!!!

Joseph Anderson , Ohio

17 Jul, 2012

Lucky escape!

Almost fell for this scam, thank god! I saw this post.. these scammers should be taught a lesson for messing with peoples life..