iYogi Scam Alerts Reveals Online video scam

The latest release of ‘iYogi Scam Alerts’ reveals online video scam that mainly depends on social networking websites. Now-a-days, all of us use social networking sites to connect with people and scammers take advantage of this fact to cache Internet users. These video scams are one of the most common scam that mainly works in the following way.

First, you”ll see an interesting link in other users” status updates, but when you follow the link, you”ll be asked to fill out a number of surveys, which are nothing more than ploys to extract your personal data. Such video scams spread malware through malicious Web links. In order to avoid such scams iYogi advices not to click on any suspicious links and also not to give away any kind of personal information.

‘iYogi Scam Alerts’ provides ways to protect users from various prevalent online scams. Moreover, if a scam is suspected or encountered, report it immediately to respective authorities.Read more…

Jessper Rollins, TX

19 October, 2011

If there is a video that you have been waiting for don’t get all lured, your single click can make you a victim or kill your machine. Hackers and scammers are using sensational video to trap users. iYogi scam alerts is must read to all computer users as this helps in getting latest update on the same.

Harry David, Singapore

07 July, 2011

Hi, from my point of view, prevention is better than finding remedies once you have been victimized by ID theft. It is quite difficult to entrust your personal information such as your credit card number coz of the threat that fraudulent people can gain access to them.