iYogi Scam Alerts Warn Users on Fake Check Scams.

With more and more people falling prey to fake check scams, iYogi has released a report on iYogi Scam Alerts series that informs users how such scams work and offers tips to steer clear of them. Predators of this scam targets people who are trying to sell expensive items online.

The scammers mostly operate from abroad where they work with impunity. They try to reach people who will easily get hooked to their bait like those trying to sell products online. They get in touch with such sellers and send them a fake check with a higher amount. They would then request you to wire the surplus amount to some accomplice in the country and give reasons like covering shipping costs etc. It would be a little too late by the time you realize that you have lost both your money and your goods.

According to ‘iYogi Scam Alerts’, users should always check the source form where they are getting information about online selling of luxurious items or products. Read more…

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Keith Miller, Columbus

21 Mar, 2013

I received an SMS few days ago which offered a tempting deal on iPhone 5 and a phone number I was asked to call to register for the offer. But I was a bit skeptical about that too-good-to-be-true deal and I checked with iYogi Scam Alert where I got to know about the racket of scammers who are duping people with phishing messages. That was close!

Marc Nicholls

15 Feb, 2013

I was really shocked and surprised to know about this method devised by international scammers to trick people into sending them cash. Every another day, I too myself bombarded with such e-mails. However, iyogi scam alerts has already made me alert regarding this. I am really thankful to iyogi for this information. Otherwise i dont know i might also have become one of the victims of this scam.

Steve Van

18 Jan, 2013

Saying from my personal experience, never ever give your personal details or blank check to any company that you doubt. Always verify or authenticate before taking any crucial step and giving your hard-earned amount to a bogus company. For more, keep reading iyogi scam alerts.

Nina Maryoeni

27 Nov, 2012

Even I get emails that inform me of winning checks worth million of dollars. But somehow I’ve never trusted them and have never paid attention to these emails. But at the same time, I’ve got friends who have been scammed by such emails. iYogi is doing a great job by regularly posting news on latest frauds and scams as I think it’s very important to educate the mass about these scams… Good job iYogi!

Roia Liljeroos

16 Nov, 2012

Very common scam running these days… I too got an email that informed me of winning an online lottery of $10,000. From the content itself, I was able to make out that it is 100% fake. So many grammatical errors and spelling mistakes… If we keep our eyes open, it’s easy to identify scammers, but we often lure into false promises…

Curious Couple

9 Nov, 2012

Hey guys you wont believe. My brother too got such a check yesterday. He was very excited about it. But, now I think I should share your experiences with him and save him from getting duped. In fact, I have just mailed him the link of this webpage and called him on phone to check his mail and read in detail the content. Thank you all for sharing your experiences here.

Marry Richard, Canada

19 Oct, 2011

Get complete details on fake check scam from iYogi scam alerts. Here, one get to know about the scam and its’ working so that they are not fooled in future. Thanks IYOGI!!!

Jacob Hugh, Boston

11 Jul, 2011

Hi Rick, it sound”s great that you didn”t fall into it. If someone tells you that you have won in a lottery, where you did not buy a ticket, don”t believe them. It is a scam. It”s not even required to go to the bank for further clarification. When such mail comes, just delete it!!!

I don’t know what to do?

Steve Austin, NY

30 Jun, 2011

I had put up my digital camera for sale on craiglists for $250; this dude from all across contacts me and says he wants to buy it and sends me a check worth $2500; on enquiry he said his office clerk made a mistake and asked me to wire the balance to an a/c in nevadai, which I did; the check bounced and now my bank account is overdrawn! I really don”t know what to do? Should I go to the police?

Fake cheque scams

Christopher Parker, Sandwich

24 Jun, 2011

Hey Rick it”s a good thing that you were not scammed. I know many people who were scammed by these fake cheque scams. Scammers!!!! Oh God they are like blood suckin vampires….guys whatever you do thnk twice before it that is the only way to escape from these scammers!!!!

I got lucky

Rick Manuel, Atlanta

04 Apr, 2011

Last week I got a check worth $5000 couriered to me with a letter informing me that I was a winner in an online lucky draw. The prize money was $4500; I was to deposit the check in my account & wire back the remaining $500 to the account number given in the letter; it said the amount was towards agent commissions. I went to the bank all excited about my good fortune; the bank informed me that the check was a fake & so u see that I was almost scammed!!!