Antivirus and internet security software

Do you want to know the features, role and system requirements for antivirus and internet security software programs? Read on

Antivirus protection software is one of the most important software, which is required for the normal functioning of your PC. With the help of this antivirus software you cannot only protect your PC, but also all the computers on the local area network to which you are connected to. Antivirus protection can protect your PC from online viruses, spyware, worms and thus avoid the distressing effects of your PC. The Internet Security programs are essential to keep your computer free from all kinds of security threats. You can install several security programs so as to encounter the vulnerable threats. These Internet security programs are capable of providing full range of tools so as to counter the threats. When compared to the antivirus software Internet security programs usually includes an effective antivirus program, firewall, antispyware program, spam filters, pop up blockers, content filters. As the computer threats are becoming harmful nowadays the need of the Internet Security suite and the Antivirus is becoming necessary.

Following are the features, role and system requirements of certain Antivirus and Internet security software:

  • Avira

  • avast!

  • Panda Internet Security

  • F-Secure Internet security


Avira is antivirus software which has the ability to offer protection against virus. The handling of this software is very easy. By using the real time protection it can detect malware and emerging threats. For the proper functioning of Avira, your system must have minimum memory of 1024 MB for Windows 7 and Windows Vista and 256 MB for Windows XP. Avira is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit editions of operating system. Then it must have a minimum hard drive space of 150 MB.


avast! is a great antivirus software, which has the ability to clean up the virus. The database in this antivirus software is renewed every month with the definitions of the new virus. In order to install this software your PC must have a Pentium processor, 128 MB of RAM, 100MB of free hard disk space. The scanning engine in it can provide real protection against viruses and other malicious software programs. The Access Technology in it can check the kernel mode drivers so that even unknown rootkits are detected.
Panda Internet security

Panda Internet security is very effective Internet Security Software. The core functions of it are to keep your PC safe. The Panda‘s real time protection can scan all the attachments, which you may try to open or save. Panda’s anti spam function can correctly identify the spam in the e-mails. In order to install Panda Internet Security your system must have Pentium Processor, which operates at 300 MHz, a RAM of 128MB and minimum hard disk space of 275 MB.
F-Secure Internet security

F-Secure Internet security is a security suite, which contains the antivirus engine, firewall, parental control, spam filter and browsing protection. This security suite favors you a strong real time antivirus protection. For the proper functioning of the F-Secure Internet security, your computer must have a Pentium processor, which operates at 600MHz, 512MB of RAM on Windows Vista and 256 MB of RAM on Windows XP and Minimum hard disk space of 600 MB.
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