Computer and Internet Security

Get to know more about computer and Internet security.

Computer and Internet security refers to the vulnerability that the user and data and information stored in the computer are exposed to while using a computer and the Internet for information processing and transmission. There are a range of security threats that computers are exposed to i.e. data alteration, unauthorized remote access, viruses, identity theft and so on. There is no sure way to protect against this but having some pointers at the finger tips can help limit the level of the threats you are exposed to.

Important things to be kept in mind for Internet security and how can your PC be vulnerable on the net is discussed in the following points.

  • Things to be kept in mind while using the Internet

  • How to keep your PC safe?

  • How the PC is vulnerable on the net?

Things to be kept in mind while using the Internet

There is always the temptation to try new things and do all sorts of things while on the net. While this can be an adventurous trail it is also one of the security risks. While on the net one should avoid the temptation to open each and every pop-up message that appears on the screen. These could be adware providing better performance for your PC, but they could also contain spyware that are not detectable by your antivirus. In addition to this, the user should try and avoid as much as possible to leave his or her email addresses on sites visited. This can be a cause of that nuisance spam e-mails that you keep receiving.

Try and avoid opening e-mail and promotional attachments that are sent to the inbox. These attachments in some cases contain spyware and malware that may be detrimental to your data security. For those entertainments gurus, file sharing applications i.e. Kazaa have been known to have spyware, try to minimize the use of file sharing software and try to use the legal way of acquiring MP3s.

How to keep your PC safe?

Safety preventive measures are better than curable measures that could be costly. The first security step would be to install an antivirus and update it automatically. The automatic updates need to constantly on in order to search and download the latest virus update files for the database. In addition to this the automatic scan schedule should be turned on in order to scan the system at all times at a specific time of the day. Installation of additional tools like Trojan blockers and antispyware can help in detecting and removing those malwares that slip past the antivirus program.

You also want to avoid people accessing your PC or network remotely from another location. Firewall is a good application to install in a system to help filter Internet traffic in addition to monitoring users in the LAN and preventing any unauthorized access to your system.
How the PC is vulnerable on the net?

The numbers of security vulnerability are unauthorized remote access from a different location. Once a hacker has control of your PC, they can do anything to it from stealing and altering your data to IP spoofing. Virus infection is also a vulnerability, where malicious programs with sole intentions of causing havoc to your PC and data is their primary intentions. Cracking of passwords, where one may try to gain access to your PC or network or files that are stored in the PC.
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