Computer Data Security

How to secure your computer’s data?

Nowadays, we are dealing with such malware programs, which are technically very difficult to handle and its also quite difficult to remove them with the help of usual antivirus software. If once your personal computer is attacked by that malicious software then it is really difficult to eliminate them. And these malware sometimes hack data present in your computer.

Common security risks that can harm computer data and tips to safeguard it are discussed in the following points.

  • How to get rid of malware?

  • How to stop interruption of malware?

  • Bootable CDs

  • Antispyware

How to get rid of malware?

There is a chance to install the antimalware program from a USB flash drive. You must know that during the installation process, malware can interrupt it. And if you will try to download update of your anti spyware then they are also interrupted by these malwares. However, using the USB flash drive you can install antimalware.

How to stop interruption of malware?

Boot your computer into Safe Mode and try to repeat the same procedure.

  • You will have to remove the hard disk and attach it again to another PC.

  • Use a bootable CD.

There is a possibility that while in Safe mood, when you’ll install antispyware program it will install but some of its files will not be there. Reason behind this is that many Spyware programs hide the files of some programs. But when you will run your anti spyware it will run without any problem.

Actually, the finest and the successful way are to use bootable CDs with antimalware software and antivirus software already present in it. You will see that while booting up from the CD the operating system will not start up. This is because your antimalware software is active or not present at that time.

Bootable CDs

Bootable CDs are very helpful in fighting spyware as they allow us to access the Internet without any threat, and we can download online anti spyware programs. These CDs stop the malware and other antivirus programs from attacking. However, it is a little bit hard to find out eligible bootable CD, which allows secure access to Internet.

And if you are unable to find out eligible bootable CD, which allows secure access to Internet then you can copy right another bootable CD.


There are many antispyware and antivirus software, which help to fight against spyware but Kaspersky® Anti-Virus is best among all as it is very effective in fighting malware and spyware.

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