Computer Encryption

Are you puzzled about what is computer encryption?

The process of converting data into an unreadable form is called encryption. Its main function is to hide the information from strangers so that it may remain secret, and it does not get exposed to others. Government officials and military personal usually use the encryption because they have information that can be volatile if it gets into wrong hands, so they use Computer Encryption to secure their data and uses a key to view it.

Some main key features of Computer Encryption are mentioned below:

  • Secures data from strangers

  • Provides a key to access

  • Ease of Encryption

Secures data from strangers

When information is encrypted, it can only be accessed through a key, which let the user to view it, and it reverses the process. In high official offices, most of the information is stored on computer, and it can easily be viewed, here a process called Computer Encryption is applied, which not only secures the data, but it also restricts users to use the computer. When a computer is properly encrypted, information encryption is not really necessary since the user requires a computer to access the information.

According to a report published by the Computer Security Institute in 2007, 71% of the companies use encryption to secure their data of transits and 51% of the companies use to encrypt the data that was stored. Nowadays, it is not only used by high officials but people that have data stored in hard drives, flash memories and in other mediums uses encryption to secure it.

Provides a key to access

One of the main features of Computer Encryption is its ease of access. Once the computer is properly encrypted, it requires a key or a password to reverse the process of encryption, which is usually referred to as decryption. It is reversed as soon the password is entered, and it fully authorizes the user to use the computer and all the information is exposed and it can easily be viewed.
Ease of Encryption

High officials first used computer Encryption and the National Institute of Standard and Technology of United States formed a standard of encryption known as Advanced Encryption Standard. The standard received high approvals by cryptographic community, and it rapidly gained confidence for providing an effective protection of the information. But it was soon replaced as it had small passwords, and it can easily be cracked.

Since then many new standards and more effective technologies has developed. Operating System also provides encryption, but it can further be improved by using software’s. And now much software has evolved, which can easily be installed on personal computers providing a cheap protection to general computer users. Software’s now can effortlessly provide Computer Encryption to small businesses and general users to protect their data from strangers and restrict them from stealing it.
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