Computer Firewall Security

Get to know about computer firewall security.

As we all know computers without the firewall are suspected to be infected or attacked by the some professional hackers, viruses and Spyware. For this reason, you should always be aware that your computer is having firewall security for the protection of the internet security.

Importance of computer firewall security and things to be kept in mind are discussed in the following points.

  • Use of firewall

  • Why firewall is important?

  • Types of firewall

Use of firewall

The best way to protect your personal computer is by installing the internet security firewall. As we know that firewall is a kind of software, which examines and stops all the illegal access to the internet or the network but in the same way it allows the legal and authorized communications to be communicate. If there is a chance of attempting the internet and network, it will block the user to attempt or to access; it will encrypt the attempt which is taking place. The best and simple way to protect your computer from the Spyware or malware, virus is to install the firewall.

Why firewall is important?

You might be thinking that if your computer is having antispyware and antivirus installed then it is already secured, but it is not like that how you think, even though your computer is having antivirus and antispyware, you will have to install firewall software to protect your computer. But nowadays it is good to hear that Windows® XP and Vista® have come within built internet security firewall security. You should keep the firewall always turned on. Many well reputed antivirus companies are providing firewalls. As your computer is already having it Windows® Firewalls in built, but in case you are willing to have another firewall software then it is your wish, which means you can disable it and install the software which is owned by you. This firewall software so much necessary you are having a small group of the network at your office or at your home. Every computer that is in the network should be protected by the firewall protection software, the reason behind this is if any of the computers is attacked by the virus or the Spyware it will enter to all the computers who are connected, but if a firewall is on then the firewall will not allow any kind of disturbance.
Types of firewall

Actually there are two types of firewall, which are software and hardware. The work of the software firewall is to block all the illegal communication on the computer. And the hardware firewall is actually installed between the modem and the computer it also does the same work that is not allowing the unauthorized communications. Don’t ever use the internet without installing the firewall software.
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