Computer Information System Security


Information system security is continuously and progressively being given much attention by organizations, companies and individuals. There is thus an increased demand for the means of managing the Computer Information System Security and safeguarding the individual’s / organization’s systems from security threats, mostly brought through the network connectivity (internet).

How we can manage the Computer Information System Security is discussed in the following points.

  • Briefly about Information System Security

  • The need for safeguarding Computer and Network systems from security threats

  • An overview of how to deal with Computer/Network security threats?

Briefly about Information System Security

Information System Security, as the name suggests, is about safeguarding the systems information (computer and/or network system) from unauthorized persons or for confidential reasons. The aim here is to prevent any unapproved alterations, modification, duplication, or distortion of any form to the Systems information without the prior knowledge of the person in-charge (the owner).

Information System Security has often been termed as computer security, or Systems Information security. These terms have negligently and interchangeably been used to refer to the same thing, that is, Information System Security. So long as you understand what it means, then it wouldn’t matter what you call it.

The need for safeguarding Computer and Network systems from security threats

Information is a vital property in every organization and for every individual. Everything seems to revolve around some information. In case the information disappears or the information system gets corrupted, then some personal or organizational operations are likely to be stifled either permanently or temporarily. Whichever risk comes, all are prone to cause damage. The damage can be catastrophic to a positive development of an individual or a company.
An overview of how to deal with Computer/Network security threats?

There may be so many ways and/or options of dealing with Computer Information Security threats, ranging from the use of mere passwords to installation of complex Security software into your system. All this depends on the level of security you would wish to have, just to safeguard your computer System Information, and to preserve some right of privacy for your Information system.

Of course you wouldn’t afford to do without programs like the Anti-viruses, Antispyware and Security firewalls if you are determined to protect your Computer Information System. Many other programs and software are available to help both the individuals and the organizations protect their Computer Information and Network systems from unauthorized access.
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