Computer Network Security Software

How to ensure computer network security with computer network security software?

In computing, network security policies are rules that define computer network access in addition to establishing how the policies are to be imposed. It has been tailored to administer data access, internet surfing habit, use of passwords, and e-mail attachments. The design is meant to safeguard the whole computer network and its resources from unauthorized access.

Some of the network security software tools, its role and features are discussed over here.

  • Secure your system

  • Firewalls

  • For wireless networks

Secure your system

Network security tools are applications that help network administrators safeguard their systems from hackers, viruses and other malicious programs that may affect the performance of the LAN. These are available as both commercial applications as firewalls, antivirus, spyware and many more. The most used applications for the network are outlined below.


This is a combination of application programs and computer systems that have been designed to unauthorized access into the user’s network i.e. LAN or unauthorized communications into the network. Their functionality is based on a set of user defined rules and criteria. The types of firewalls that can be implemented by a user include; packet filters which have been designed to check incoming and outgoing packets and may reject the transmission of certain data packets as was defined in the packet filter criteria. Application gateway is another firewall technique that is applied to applications as file transfer protocols and telnet servers in the LAN. Proxy server is another firewall security that functions in intercepting incoming messages and outgoing messages in the LAN. It functions in hiding the true network addresses.
For wireless networks

For wireless networks the following implementation methods can be applied to help the user permit only the person they want to access the WLAN. WIFI Protected Access functions by encrypting the network information and continually checks for any modifications of network security key. In addition it authenticates users on the network to ensure that only the allowed users are given the use of the WLAN. There have been two groups of WIFI protected access i.e. WPA and WAP2 work with the wireless adaptor. Another type of WLAN network security tool is Wired Equivalent Privacy that requires the user to set a security key which works in encrypting information that is sent between computers on the network.

802.1X authentication is also used on WLAN to enhance security for the 802.11wireless networks and wired Ethernet network. It makes use of an authenticating server in order to validate the users on the network.

Computer technology has been applied as the platform from which transactions like online banking, e-commerce and communication. Ensuring the integrity of all the information and data that are handled is paramount.
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