Computer Network Security

Types of computer networks and their security.

The network security can be defined as the system through which the network and everything related to it is protected from harm. The network security is very important because, it protects the network from hackers’ eyes.

What is computer network security and some popular networks are discussed over here.

  • Network security

  • Types of network

  • Tips

Network security

The network security consists of provisions made in infrastructure and steps taken for the security of the network. All these provisions and steps are taken to make the network secure and free from threats. This is the basis of network security.

Types of network

There are various types of networks. These have different features from others but, the basic infrastructure of almost all is the same. The most popular networks include the local area network (LAN), wireless networks and internet works, wide area networks (WAN), campus area networks (CAN) and the home area network (HAN). These networks are among the most popular in the world. All these networks require security. The small home based or other networks require less security than the big business related networks. Networks which operate on a large scale require more security from malicious programs, hackers and spam. Apart from this there are various types of topologies. Some of these includes, star topology, tree topology that are most commonly used. Others include ring topology and bus topology.

The networks which operate on a large scale have more security because they buy the expensive shields for their networking. But, problem occurs with small scale networks. They are vulnerable to attacks. So, there is a need to make them as much resistant to attacks as the large ones. In this case, one can use a firewall some of which are available free of cost. The small scale network administrator must also keep in mind that the big networks require more and expensive protection. So, even if they go for a paid service then, they would not be charged much. That is why; the small scale network administrator can always go for paid services. It was reported that more than 70% of these problems arise due to malfunctioning wirers. So, care should be taken that the Ethernet cable does not get damage. Other tips are using a popular and effective antivirus, using multiple accounts and setting up a robust password if the user is having a wireless network. Apart from this one must try to use the strongest security that is supported by the wireless device and disable the ICMP ping on the router. These are the tips through which one can increase the security of the network.
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