Computer Physical Security

Get to know more about computer physical security.

Every computer user spends some money on the electronic security of the system such as buying the best antivirus, installing the firewall, etc. but, few of them spend their precious money on the physical security of the computer. The need of physical security for the computers is more important in big firms and offices. These companies must make sure that they have the basic physical protection for their computers apart from the electronic security so that the precious data is kept safe.

The role and need of physical security and different layers of computer security are discussed in the following points.

  • What is physical security?

  • Need for physical security

  • Layers of security

What is physical security?

Physical security can be defined as the protection given to the computers which protects the hardware, networks from physical circumstances and can cause potential damage. The physical security includes the special locked cases for the computers and printers, scanners, etc. these cases protect the computer from external physical attack by any person or even from a fall or damage.

Need for physical security

There is a great need for the physical security of the computers as it protects the computers hardware or data to be stolen by any person manually. These means are adopted by different companies to restrict the stealing of saved passwords, credit card numbers, etc. So, physical security is necessary for the computers. It makes sure that the system is protected from the outsiders and the hardware is also safe from theft.
Layers of security

There are different layers of security for computers. These layers of security include firewall, anti virus, a web-scanner, latest browser, online backup system and physical security. The firewall protects the computer from outside attacks by hackers. Firewall comes in different categories for software, hardware and wireless routers. The anti virus protects the computer from the various dangerous viruses, Trojans, spyware, etc. the web-scanner allows the user to surf the web safely. This is also important because, most of the viruses come from the internet as it is the most common source of viruses. Upgrading to the latest browser makes sure that the users browse through the web more safely because newer browser’s security system is improved. Finally, having an online backup system means that the user can back up the data in case it is lost due to any reason.

The physical security is important because, by physical security we mean that the computer is protected physically from intruders. This type of security is helpful in big companies in which there is a threat of attack by the intruders.
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