Computer Security Authentication

Learn about Computer security authentication.

The growth of the internet phenomenon has increased inevitably. The promising yet ever changing computer business world have also changed the way we work and more so our living


  • Safety Measures

  • Security authentication

  • The importance of password

Safety Measures

Every computer has a firewall and a computer anti virus to protect it against possible virus intruders. If you do not have these two front liners, never attempt to browse through the net, otherwise your computer will be in great trouble. A reasonable computer security authentication should be a requirement to all computer users who access internet more often.

A firewall protects your computer, and it should be must that you have it. Downloading from the net can also open the possibility of viruses to enter. These Trojan, back doors and worms are just seeking an open door for them to enter your system and eventually multiply when they got the chance to do so. One precautionary measure is to educate your self with internet threats.

Security authentication

Authentication assures you of computer protection. When you have computer security authentication, it verifies the user, whether they are persons or computer programs. It concerned mainly on who claims to be the owner or just some hackers trying to subdue your privacy. The moment upon authentication, it was believed to be a suspected internet hacker or virus, the system will then automatically deny the activity, this happen, for example, when you accidentally enter wrong information like when entering your passwords. Spam filters also serve as a blocking agent in net trafficking, example of this is when a bulk email is mailed to us, and automatically they go to the spam folder. The IDS or Intrusion Detection System determines when malicious ware is trying to break in. Hypervisors are basically software programs or system that virtually run in several computers though, in reality, there is only one computer is running. The MAC or Mandatory Access Control system it can detect access given to certain computer or user to access files and folders. The moment you are being detected as not authorized, MAC will signal you as an intruder.
The importance of password

A password detector is also one of the computer security authentications. Every time you hear a pop up sound, which notes, incorrect password, certain precautions are addressed like security questions and answers. These questions should not be taken for granted, as it will help you a lot and the computer too in determining authentic and genuine computer manipulation.
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