Use Firewall for better Computer Security

Get to know more about computer security firewall.

It should be mandatory that everybody who has a computer should have a firewall. A computer’s firewall should be taken seriously because it is your first line of defense against computer viruses. The internet is a never ending network which computer connects together anywhere. This activity makes it easier for virus transfer.

  • How do firewalls generate?

  • State filter

  • Application layer

  • Configuring a firewall

How do firewalls generate?

Computer security firewall is a software with main function is to protect the computer or laptop from viruses. They serve as walls on the network to detect users, whether they are authentic users or hackers or malicious. It is the computers first line of defense against a threat. The packet filter inspects the basic unit of transferring data from one computer to the other in the net. For example, ones the packet filter has a set of rules that matches to the user, automatically it discards the activity and an error prompt is manifested on the screen.

State filter

State filter maintains records to the connections through which it passes the trough the firewall and determines, whether the activity is a new connection or an existing one. State filter prevents new connections from exploitations. A static rule is set on state filter, and it is a criterion which triggers rules when a virus is on the road.
Application layer

Application layer is where fire wall operates. It uses several proxy servers in order to proxy traffic and not directly routing your net to the network. In this way, your computer is alerted when something dreadful is about to take place. Like when a virus tries to enter the application layer automatically detect them.
Configuring a firewall

Personal firewall or what we called a desktop firewall is program software that defenses your computer while it is exposing to the net. It checks everything that enters your system when you are connected to the Internet. The moment you install the personal firewall, it keeps running detecting all activity in the traffic. It shifts out all malicious traffic before it reaches to your computer system. Hackers too are being blocked with personal firewall whenever it detected a user to be a hacker, so do not be embarrassed when at the process you see prompt up messages. It is very essential to set up a firewall, whether a personal firewall or a hardware firewall. It is best that you have these two firewall configurations.
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