Computer Security Hackers

Hackers are geniuses they can come into your system and stole important and secret data or passwords. To protect your computer from these hackers you need to have computer security.

How to safeguard your computer from hackers is discussed in the following points.


  • ABC’s of keeping secured

  • Install an anti virus

  • Safeguarding computer from a hacker

ABC’s of keeping secured

Every one of us may have experience receiving unknown mails from unknown source. This mail may have delighting advertisements, and it is just natural for us to be curious. Then suddenly we open the file and oh! It I full of viruses! Users should be aware of this. Ones you received unknown files, especially from unknown source, do not attempt to open it, discard immediately. Attachments are hacker’s first line of defense to enter your system.

On the middle of your internet searching, suddenly pop-up windows appear which may look like genuine. Beware of this, it may look nice, but once you click yes on it, it contains dreadful applications that will significantly attack your computer privacy. Always discard pop up window like this.

Install an anti virus

To keep you protected, you need to have a spyware or an antivirus in your computer. If you already have one, then let it keep updated all the times. WiFi is one way of connecting to the net, and when WiFi has a very good signal, you can actually connect to them, but be aware this can be a tool where hackers are using as bate to get into your computer system.
Safeguarding computer from a hacker

Hackers have many ways to get in to you and spread trouble sabotaging your data, stealing your password and getting information from you using a computer. When surfing the net, be sure that your operating system and internet browser is updated. Any discrepancy on your part is an advantage to hackers. There many free downloadable software to compensate your operating system.

Check if your anti virus is updated; check also your spyware programs. Doing so will give security to your computers for malware, hackers and viruses to threat you. It can perform scanning of viruses, attempting to inspect your software for any anomaly against virus infestation. A good spyware scanner scans virus and ones detected, you can delete them manually. Firewall is computers front liners against virus attack, it is necessary to install them.

While you are not using the wireless network, it will be advantageous to turn them off. Hackers may find them and may take an interest on it.
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