Computer Security Issues

Get to know about the security issues in your computer.

In today’s busy world, almost all transactions are done through the internet, even depositing the large sum of money. No wonder there are robbers in the internet in the form of hackers. The more activity you have in your computer, the greater chance that hackers to have interest in you.

Different computer security issues that can come and tips to resolve such issues are discussed in the following points.

  • Security issues are a practice

  • Who is in business with you?

  • Keep password securely

Security issues are a practice

To identify hackers and intruders you should have personal information, especially if you are transacting finances over the net. You can be a victim of identity theft, in fact, everybody is. Your personal information should not be disposed over the net. Did you receive letters stating that you won a tremendous big sum of money? This is a modus Operandi among hackers to get your personal information, which starts by taking your name, age, addresses and later on your account number. Please be very aware of this. While you are feeding them with our information, they are also working out to try every possible way in getting your password and when they succeed, you are lost.

Who is in business with you?

Dishonest people are rampant in the internet. If you come across to the unfamiliar website, better close the window and never do any business with it. Always check the site name in search engines. Some searches provide you with reviews, which are very helpful in determining genuine sites. Use security updates. This is software that automatically updates your system. Scam artist does advertise malware in disguise. Check first the authenticity before having any transaction with it.
Keep password securely

Passwords are very important. Do not let anyone know about it. Hackers are geniuses; they can detect your password after an effort is done. Provide only password that has a combination of letters and characters. It is also vital to change your password regularly every 2 to 3 months. Set a password on your files. Important files should be hidden when not in use and be sure your password is not something that would identify you, like choosing a name, surname, birthday and the likes as passwords. Hackers do try this thing in order to get into your privy. A password should be unique and should have nothing to do with your personal identity, not even names of your friends or names of your favorite celebrity. Learn to do a backup file to all your important files in case some unexpected happenings come along.
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