Computer Security Network

Are you puzzled about how to secure your computer network?

Computers have a tendency to go wrong with time. Sometimes hard drives may not work properly, or they cannot function fully. Sometimes, several types of problems may occur in computer networks. It is not possible for everyone to call up a network administrator every time to fix up those problems. So there are some basic steps by following which we can troubleshoot those problems sitting in our homes only. Networks cannot work properly if any problem occurs in that network. They might become slow or even might not function at all.

Different network security tools, their role and usability is discussed over here.

  • Threats

  • Importance of secured computer network

  • Functions of network security


One of the most common problems nowadays is the threat of viruses. Viruses can affect the whole system within the fraction of a second. The most serious damage the viruses can do is to affect the master boot record of the hard drive’s file system. This type of damage can cause loss of all the data that is stored in the hard drive. Getting the data back is a very expensive process. Operating system failure and bad software installation can lead to various types of problems at the time of recovering files. There are also some backup software which one can use to store valuable data.

Importance of secured computer network

Computer security network is very important. Entire computer networks should be monitored with the help of a single antivirus. Network security is vital as if one single machine in the network gets infected and damages, the entire network goes down. Network connections are very important. LAN, MAN and WAN are used in huge scales all over the world and highly important data is transferred and stored regularly. These should be protected at all costs.
Functions of network security

Internet has become an extremely common tool these days. People use the net extensively for research work, social networking, data transfer and sharing, and many other purposes. We can’t imagine our lives without internet. But, the World Wide Web is the source of numerous harmful viruses. Proper protection and precaution should be taken against viruses. There are some highly functional antivirus software available in the market these days like Avira®, Quick Heal, Kaspersky®, McAfee®, Norton™, AVG, avast!, etc. These monitor the activities of the user regularly and protect the machine from virus threats. They can be used to scan and detect the infected files of the computer. They help locate and delete harmful files and resist entry of dangerous viruses.

This antivirus software must be updated regularly and should be used on the daily basis to protect your computer from harm.
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