Threats for your Computer Security

Learn about the threats to computer security.

In today’s world, computers are highly integral parts of our lives. We can’t imagine our lives without computers. Computers make our work easier and help us perform numerous tasks very easily. They help us with our office work and entertain us at the same time. These days, people depend a lot on their respective computers. So, if a computer doesn’t function properly, the owner has to face a lot of problems. His or her office work might be disrupted. Stability might be lost. A computer can have a lot of problems. But the worse of all problems are virus attack. Computer security threat is very dangerous.

Some of the threats that can hamper your computer’s working condition and tips to safeguard your PC are discussed in the following points.

  • Online viruses

  • What can viruses do?

  • How to fight against viruses?

Online viruses

If a user uses a computer to access the net on a regular basis, it may lead to some problems. There are numerous dubious and harmful sites on the net that are full of extremely dangerous corrupting programs called viruses. There are numerous types of viruses in the World Wide Web and unless the user practices caution, his or her computer can get easily infected. Viruses can be there in pen drives, external hard disks and other storage devices as well. Getting rid of viruses can be quite tedious. Prevention is always better than cure. Hence, one should try his or her best to be very careful while handling his or her computer.

What can viruses do?

Viruses are of many types and have a wide variety of impacts. Some viruses are minor and create effects like slowing down the computer, blocking some functions of the machine, etc. There are some viruses that make a computer so slow that it cannot be used any longer. Viruses corrupt the operating systems and data. This may result in loss of entire stored data. Everything a user might have stored in his or her computer can be lost forever. There are even worse kinds of viruses that crash the computers entirely. Complete functionality of the computer is damaged. Viruses can also block users from visiting most common and popular websites. The point is no matter how minor or major a virus is, it definitely has an irritating effect. Some popular viruses are Trojan horse, malware, root kit, etc.
How to fight against viruses?

In order to fight against viruses, computer security threats, etc. and prevent them from damaging one’s system, one must install antivirus in his/her computer. Antivirus blocks the virus that tries to access the computer from and monitor the different programs. They find the virus affected files and programs and either fix them or delete them. They ensure that the computer functions well. Some very efficient and popular anti-viruses are Quick Heal, Avira AntiVir®, avast! etc.

It is very important to use antivirus software and scan our computers regularly to safeguard against the computer security threat.
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