Issues with Computer Security Vulnerabilities

Learn how to deal with computer security vulnerabilities.

In the computer market place, there are a number of ways to intercept the security. People are scammed everyday on the Internet and the computers are destroyed at the same rate. As such computer vulnerability in terms of security and virus protection is a great challenge to the science.

This article would address some of the vulnerabilities to personal security, virus invasion and slowing down of your computer.

  • Personal security

  • Virus invasion

  • Slowing down of your computer

Personal security

The more viruses that can infect computers the more modern devices are designed to combat them. When the first virus was written, history stated that the inventor was merely playing a prank. It was not known that it would create such a virus protection industry to extend towards personal information. Its beginning was in a mere disk sharing prank.

Today, however, the invention of viruses has so mutated to affect Internet culture that identification numbers, social security information, bank accounts phone data, e-mail and home addresses have all been vulnerable sources of attack.

Users are advised never to open suspicious emails, especially, those marked undisclosed. The upload of files is another vulnerability and threat, which must be handled cautiously. If products have to be purchased using an Internet shopping relationship; it is always advisable to transfer credit card information through PayPal. These are very easy ways to infect your computer. Eventually, the PC function would be undermined.

Virus invasion

Primarily, one of the first things that should be remembered is that every day new computer viruses are either produced or invented. Therefore, the safest way to avoid viruses is to always have an updated antivirus program running on your computer. Keep a check on when updates are required for the current program and install them.

Remember also not to download any product for which you do not understand the security implication measures offered. Many of these devices are viruses themselves, never open email attachments, which are undisclosed. You are not acquainted with the sender so leave it alone. Email attachments are known to be a smooth transmission for viruses.
Slowing down of your computer

Computers are venerable to attacks which manifest as slowing down. Your first task is to identify why it is performing that way. In order to make this discovery, it is advisable to conduct a virus and spyware scan. You may go to the ‘how to clean up page’ and begin the operation. Then a memory test can be done to diagnosed memory distortions.

When no solutions are reached the next step is to conduct a defragmentation. This simply means clearing away unwanted desk top items and increasing storage capacity. Usually a cautionary report would appear to alert the user that the computer needs to increase its disk space.
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