System Cleanup to remove virus

Do you want to know how to clean the infected system? Read on.

When you use the system among a number of websites and install infected tools in the system, you may get the system infected with a number of viruses. These viruses when enters the system can affect the total system performance with making the system useless. There are a number of tips to clean up the virus infected system to remove these infections. You can use some third-party software for this purpose. The best software for this includes the Comodo System Cleaner. The tool collects three free and useful cleaning utilities. These utilities include the Registry Cleaner, Disk Cleaner, and Privacy Cleaner. These utilities when executed in the system, removes all infections from the system and removes duplicate, harmful, and unnecessary files. With this, you can completely resolve several issues with the system like slowdowns and crashes resolved completely.

Here are some affects of viruses in your system:

  • Slowdown performance

  • Black screen of death

  • System crash

Slowdown performance

One of the common affect of virus infections in the system is the system performance getting reduced considerably. Some viruses are capable of multiplying themselves and mostly occupy a large number of space in the system memory. Thus, the total speed of the system is decreased, especially at the time of installation of some applications or software. You may need more than one hour to install small-sized software in the system.

Black screen of death

Black screen of death is another problem that may come up due to virus infections. You may be getting a black screen as you try to start up the system instead of the Windows logo. This can happen as a result of the virus corrupting the boot sector of the Windows. Even the corruption of registry files of the system may also cause the screen to appear black.
System crash

System crashes are other effects of the virus infection in the system. The system can get freeze while you are executing some applications in the system. The system may be getting sudden shutdowns with this. You may also be getting a white screen in the system monitor and may end up using 'Alt', 'Ctrl' and 'Del' keys to end the process running in the system and may need to turn off the system using the power button.
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