Various types of virus cleaners for computers

Whay do you need virus cleaners for computers? What are the different types of virus cleaners?

If you are a regular computer user, you may visit a number of websites and install applications on the system. With these, the system may fill up with a large number of viruses. A virus, while entering the system, starts to damage the system completely. It may cause a random start up or a sudden shut down. System performance may decrease because the system eats up memory space and destroys important system files. To remove viruses from your system, you need to use good virus cleaner software and there are a number of efficient software available that you can use to remove them from your system.

Some virus cleaner software to remove viruses from your system:

  • UnHackMe 5.9.9 Build 352

  • Combofix

  • VIRUSfighter Pro

UnHackMe 5.9.9 Build 352

UnHackMe 5.9.9 Build 352 is one of the newest virus cleaner products that can detect as well as remove viruses called Rootkits like Hacker Defender and Clones. This tool comes with an option to exclude specific files from the scan. The Windows boot processes are observed by Partizan technology included in it. Reanimator technology uses a signature database to detect and remove viruses. It also detects viruses in the registry keys, processes, services and drivers. It can work with any operating system from Microsoft from Windows XP, Windows NT to the latest Windows 7.


Combofix is another powerful virus cleaner tool. With this tool, you have the freedom to detect infections that are usually not found by other scanners. You can identify areas where suspected malicious programs are hiding with System Registry keys listed down by the tool. You can check if any Rootkits are present on your system with a Rootkit detector included in it. To run the software, you need to install the Windows Recovery Console to start system in a special recovery mode. With this, if the system faces any problem after trying to remove certain malicious programs, you can get the issues resolved.
VIRUSfighter Pro

VIRUSfighter Pro is a new comprehensive virus cleaner software. VIRUSfighter Pro was designed to find viruses on your system within seconds. When the virus is found, they viruses are easily quarantined and removed. With this, you get maximum protection against viruses and other types of malicious software that are built to destroy your computer system. The minimum requirement of VIRUSfighter Pro are Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 or Windows 7. It needs 128MB of minimum RAM and 25MB of hard disk drive space.
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