Dealing with computer vulnerability

What are the possible reasons that make a PC vulnerable to online threats?

Computer vulnerability in an operating system is a kind of security disclosure. It is also called the attack surface. It allows an attacker to reduce a system's Information Assurance. Three elements, namely susceptibility of a system, attacker access to the flaw, and attacker’s capability to exploit the flaw together are responsible for computer vulnerability.

In this article we will deal with

  • The probable reasons that makes a pc vulnerable

  • Some tips to safeguard your pc

The probable reasons that makes a PC vulnerable

The probability of flaws take place because of large, complex systems. These systems also increase the chance of unintended access points. Connectivity plays an important role in increasing the chance of vulnerability your pc. Physical connections, services, protocols, ports, privileges and time increases the chance of vulnerabilities. Website Browsing through Internet: As we all know some websites contains harmful spyware or adware. When one visits those sites these Spyware or Adware automatically installed on the computer systems and infected the pc. This infection also results in passing of personal information to third party individuals.
Using same software, well-known code, operating systems, or hardware increases the chance of an attack in order to exploit the flaw. Since a program has the access to the saved password, and between many programs and websites users re-uses the password there always a chance of being discovered by brute force. Thus a weak password has the more chances of being discovered.
When a software program has been created, the programmer leaves an exploitable bug in that software. These bugs sometimes allow misuse on an application by an attacker. Usually program without proper justification assumes that all user input is safe. But some inputs can be exposed to unintended direct execution of commands. These commands are also known as SQL statements.

Tips to safeguard your pc

Vulnerability is a threat to a computer system. But many software tools are there to identify computer vulnerabilities, sometimes they also results in removal of these vulnerabilities. These tools provide an auditor, which can convey an overview on probable vulnerabilities. But human judgments cannot be replaced by them. In every foremost operating system including Windows, Mac OS, various forms of Unix and Linux, OpenVMS Computer vulnerabilities can be found.

The only way of safeguarding your pc from vulnerabilities is to maintain a constant vigilance. System maintenance with care like applying software patches, the use of firewalls and access controls, and auditing can save your pc from being exposed to vulnerabilities.

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