Computer Wireless Security

Previously, computers were connected through phone wire, coaxial cable or the CAT5 cable. After that some electrical wiring were used. But using wireless technology to network computers is considered one of the easiest options of Internet connectivity. To restrict unauthorized access of wireless networks, wireless security is needed to install on your computer.

This article will let you know on:

  • Some significant point to be kept in mind while using

  • Some possible threats of wireless security

  • Some tips to safeguard the computer

Some significant point to be kept in mind while using

The first and foremost thing to remember is encryption. In order to secure your wireless connections use encryption, make a choice between WEP and WPA is available in newer access points. There is a mechanism used by Wi-Fi™ access points called identifier broadcasting to announce them. Users should limit access to the access point.

Some possible threats of wireless security

Anyone, within close proximity, can spy on you or can execute some malicious action which will result into misuse of bandwidth that you are paying for. Since wireless networks have a relatively short range and it would be easy to spot someone hacking your wireless connection within short distance from your location. Even an antenna can receive network’s signal. Hackers try to locate wireless networks when they are travelling by foot, by car, by airplane.
Some tips to safeguard the computer

To get Internet connectivity working as speedily as possible, setting up wireless connection for computer became common these days. But, it has some risks as abundant security problems can take place. There are some recommendations below that one should implement to establish secure wireless network. Changing default administrator passwords and usernames will help you secure network. Change the setting of default administrator passwords and usernames as soon as possible. Encryption technology is supported by all Wi-Fi™ equipment scrambles messages. It comes over wireless networks and unreadable by humans. All Wi-Fi™ devices share the identical encryption settings on your network. All you need to do is to find a "lowest common demoninator" setting. The default SSID should be changed as someone might try to access a default SSID to attack it. MAC Address Filtering should be enabled. MAC Address restricts the network to the connections that are connected to Access points and routers. To Open Wi-Fi™ Networks, do not choose Auto-Connect. Each computer and the router firewalls should be enabled for extra protection. SSID broadcast should be disabled. Assign static IP addresses to devices and try to use a private IP address range. The router or access point should be positioned safely, usually, at the centre of home. Do turn off the network during extended periods of non-use.
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