Encryption Security

How to safeguard your system and data with encryption security?

Most PC users are fully aware of the importance of utilizing antivirus and antispyware software in order to safeguard their system and network, but not many are aware of the importance of encryption security. Utilizing encryption software and features will allow you to protect your private data, network, and system by hiding files, data, and Internet activity from attackers behind an extra layer of security. This is why it is absolutely necessary for all PC users to take advantage of their PC’s router’s Wi-Fi encryption security features as well as possibly some more comprehensive encryption software.

Below are a few of the different encryption security techniques you can use to help safeguard your data and network:

  • Taking advantage of WPA/ WEP encryption

  • Encrypting files and private data

  • Changing default administrator passwords

Taking advantage of WPA/ WEP encryption

One of the easiest encryption security techniques that all PC users should take advantage of as soon as they set up their PC router and home Wi-Fi network is WPA or WEP encryption. The manufacturer of the router of your PC will provide a web page where you will be able to configure the settings and enable the features of router. Within this configuration panel, you will be able to activate encryption security features including Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP). These industry standard encryption techniques will allow you to scramble the data passing over your network and protect your network from hackers and potential security threats.

Encrypting files and private data

Another extremely important encryption security technique is simply encrypting files that contain private data. By encrypting a file with encryption software, you are essentially converting the file into a format that cannot be read by others. This allows you to store valuable and private data on your system and network without the risk of attackers being able to access it. For those that are storing data such as credit card information and other banking or private info on their system, it is highly recommended taking advantage of encryption software.
Changing default administrator passwords

The first thing that all users should do when setting up their home Wi-Fi network and router is changing the default administrator password and username. The router manufacturer will provide a web page to configure and enable features of router in your PC and in order to access this page will give you a default administrator username and password. This vulnerability is well-known to attackers and thus it is crucial to change this username and password immediately on setting up the network.
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