Event Log Service Showing “Access Denied” Error

What are the reasons due to which Event Log Service may show "Access Denied" error? How to fix the "Access Denied" error in Event Log service?

Event Log service is a useful service which can be found in many Windows operating systems. Event Log service helps the users to refer to the activity of any event that is occurred within the system. Most of the systems that use an event log have an option for the users to view the event log. Users can use the Microsoft Management Console for viewing the event log. The event log is useful since it gives the complete information about the system. It also provides the exact location and time of each event that is occurred. Event log can be useful while troubleshooting system errors. Event Log service cannot be stopped in Windows systems.

Discussed below are some points that can help the users to know about the possible reasons behind "Access Denied" error and the different method to fix the error:

  • Causes

  • Full Control Permissions

  • Modifying Registries


The "Access Denied" error can be caused because of different reasons. One reason is that the built-in security group of the Event Log will not be having permissions to the Logs folder in the …System32winevt directory. This will now allow the Event Log security group to access the folder and as a result the “Access Denied” error will be displayed. Another reason is also related with permission rights. If the Local Service account does not have permissions over the registry key “HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionReliability”, then the “Access Denied” error can occur.

Full Control Permissions

To give full control permissions to the security group, open the ‘Start’ menu and navigate to ‘Programs’ and then ‘Accessories’. Select the ‘Command Prompt’ and then select ‘Run as Administrator’. Type “ICACLS C:WindowsSystem32winevtlogs /grant
*S-1-5-80-880578595-1860270145-482643319-2788375705-1540778122:(F)” and press ‘Enter’ key. This gives full control permissions to the security group and allows it to access the Logs folder.
Modifying Registries

In order to modify the registry, open ‘Start’ menu and click on ‘Run’. Type “regedit” and click on ‘Enter’. This will open the Registry Editor. Find the ‘Reliability’ key by expanding ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE’, ‘Software’, ‘Microsoft’, ‘Windows’, and finally ‘CurrentVersion’. Right click on the key ‘Reliability’ and click ‘Permissions’. Mark the box near ‘Full Control’ by clicking on each of ‘CREATOR OWNER’, ‘SYSTEM’, and ‘Administrators’ labels. Then click on ‘Users’ and mark the box near ‘Read’. Hit on ‘OK’ and close the Registry Editor. Editing registry is a risky task and modifying the registry with incorrect entries will cause system problems. So it is recommended that you should gain the help of a computer expert while modifying registries.
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