Event Log Service is unavailable

What is an Event Log Service? What can be done if the Event Log Service is unavailable?

Event Log Service is a useful service that comes with Windows operating systems. It supports many of the system related tasks. It keeps track of the different events related to other system processes and services. It also provides the file location and time of each event. Therefore Event Log Service is useful while troubleshooting system issues. The various event related information provided by Event Log Service can be viewed and checked for the event that cause some issues to occur. This gives the users the knowledge about what problem is caused with their system. Once the problem is known, troubleshooting can be done. Event Log Service is a mandatory service and disabling the service can cause problems with some system processes. At times, Event Log Service can get disabled automatically due to some other system conflicts. The issues may also include the unavailability of Event Log Service which cannot be started manually.

Discussed below are some points that will help the users to know more about Event Log Service and also provide the steps for fixing issues related to it:

  • More on Event Log Service

  • Issues

  • Tips to fix

More on Event Log Service

Event Log Service is one of the services used by Windows systems. Though this service is not helpful in running a process, it can be used for diagnosing system problems. The information about various events of processes and services can be taken into account and can be used for troubleshooting errors related with those processes.


Many of the services like Task Manager, Event Scheduler, etc. are partially dependent on Event Log Service. These services/processes encounter certain problems if Event Log Service becomes unavailable. These issues also include the unavailability of those services or processes. Unavailability of Event Log Service also makes problem diagnosing difficult. Event Log Service can be unavailable due to different reasons.
Tips to fix

The error with Event Log Service is usually caused because of conflicts with other system files. Corrupted system files like those are related with a printer driver or some other programs can cause the problem to occur. Deleting those unwanted files will fix the issue and you will be able to start the Event Log Service successfully. Sometimes installing some software will add some registry keys that have an empty value. This registry keys can also cause the problem to occur. Deleting the empty valued registry keys and rebooting the system will fix the issue.
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