Uninstalling Internet Security 2010 Virus

Do you have Internet Security 2010 virus in your system? Find out how to remove it.

There are large numbers of malware in existence and antivirus programs are extremely popular. Because of the popularity of antivirus programs, many malware developers have turned to developing malware that look like antivirus programs. Such fake antivirus programs get installed on the system as part of some other parent application or toolbar and cause issues with the working of the system. These types of infections show false scan reports and intimate users that system has been infected by multiple malicious codes which can only be removed after purchasing full version of the fake antivirus program. Internet security 2010 virus is one such application. The Internet security 2010 virus would also show all the above-mentioned characteristics of fake antivirus programs and they would constantly run in the system background to slow down system performance as well as Internet connectivity speed. This infection would also pop-up windows which would cause system freeze and subsequent loss of data.

Following details mentioned below gives users more information regarding how to remove Internet security 2010 virus from the system:

  • Antivirus programs

  • Manual removal

  • Using command prompt

Antivirus programs

The easiest way to remove Internet security 2010 virus from your system is with the help of antivirus programs. Antivirus programs such as Norton Antivirus have definitions that allow the program to remove the Internet security 2010 virus completely. Users can also use Malwarebytes' AntiMalware to remove the infections. Removing the Internet security 2010 virus using antivirus programs are always recommended as they are simple to use and they would even clean the registry of the system.

Manual removal

The Internet security 2010 virus infection can be also removed manually from your system. But in order to remove the Internet security 2010 virus infection manually, users would have to find the location of the infection and then remove the parent application/root folder. However, Internet security 2010 virus might lock the parent application/ root folder and in such cases, users would have to make use of software such as Unlocker (to remove locking handles) or Moveonboot which would completely remove the infection without any trace.
Using command prompt

The Internet security 2010 virus can be also removed from the system using the command prompt. After running the command prompt, users can make use of the '- s - h *. * /s /d' command to detect any suspicious files and then use the 'Del' command to remove them. If the file cannot be removed using the 'Del' command, users can use '–H –A and –S' command to change attributes of the file and then use the 'Del' command to remove it.
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