Internet Security Issues

What are the different security issues that can come in a system while connecting to the Internet?

Internet is the network of networks. You could communicate with any other person through the Internet. You could send audio and video data easily and quickly. All network communication is carried out by network protocols like TCP/IP, FTP etc. These protocols are the rules and methods for network communication. In a network, each system has specific IP address to identify the system uniquely. Routing is the mechanism to find the path for a data to reach the destination. You could access Internet in your system by connecting a network access device to your system. However, sometimes issues could arise during Internet access. It mainly affects the system security. Issues include problem with the network access device, slow network access, data hacking etc.

Some of the security issues that can come in a system while connecting to Internet, their causes, and symptoms are discussed here:

  • Virus attacks

  • Data hacking

  • Cannot access some site

Virus attacks

Virus attack is the main security issue that can come in your system while accessing Internet. This is because, some sites contain virus software. While accessing those sites your system might get infected with virus software. Virus software is always hidden from the user. It stays in the background and performs its damaging functions. It is able to block the performance of both software and hardware.

Data hacking

During the data transfer through Internet, it is very easy to get hacked by other person. Therefore, you must be very careful while sending data. In order to protect your data, you need to send the data in an encrypted formant. Encryption is the process that transforms the information using some algorithm to make it unreadable by another person. Before sending the secret data you need to make sure that you are specifying correct destination name. To prevent the hacker's attacks, you also need to set password for your network.
Cannot access some site

The main symptom of virus attack is that you would not be able to access some sites. Or, you may not be able to work with your system. Because of virus software, the performance of your system gets disturbed. During the loading of some webpages, you would get the error message "Server not found" or "page cannot be displayed".
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