Remove Windows® Security Center

How to remove Windows Security Center from your computer?

Windows Security Center is a fake spyware application tool that resembles the default Security Center available in Windows. It is able to infect your system with Trojan horse viruses and malicious sites while accessing Internet. It consists of three major components; they are a 'Control panel', a Windows Service, and an application-programming interface. It has the ability to monitor your firewall, automatic updates and virus protection in order to ensure that they are enabled and working properly. It highlights the problem in red or yellow, depending on the severity of the problem.

Following are some tips to remove Windows Security Center from your system:

  • Install antispyware application

  • Disable Windows Security Center

  • Manual removal method

Install antispyware application

In order to remove Windows Security Center from your system you need to download and install the free spyware removal application Ad-Aware from the Internet. Alternatively, you could buy the installation CD for the antispyware application from the market. After installing the antispyware application, you need to perform the full system scan and delete detected spyware.

Disable Windows Security Center

In order to disable Windows Security Center, you need to open 'Start' and select 'Control Panel'. From the 'Control Panel' window, you need to select the 'Performance and Maintenance' option and select 'Administrator Tools' option. After opening the 'Administrator Tools', you need to double-click on 'Services' option and double-click on the 'Security Center' service. After selecting the 'General' tab, you need to select 'Disabled' option and click on 'Ok' button. Finally reboot your system.
Manual removal method

Manual removal method is carried out through the deletion of files, registry entry and ends the process for the Windows Security Center. First, you need to open the 'Task Manager' and end '8xksymni6.exe' and '8ymnibx6.exe' process. After closing the 'Task Manager', you need to search and delete the files '8xksymni6.exe', '8ymnibx6.exe', and 'wincontrol.dll' from your system. You need to delete 'HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun8ymnibx6.exe' registry entry with the help of a computer expert.
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