Features of Windows® Security Center

Discuss the advantages of Windows Security Center.

Security is a main concern for all computer users. There are varieties of threats that come up every day and there are many anti-virus programs and firewalls to provide protection against all kinds of threats. Apart from your security programs, Windows Security Center provides your computer an extra layer of protection. Windows Security Center is an advanced feature added in Windows XP with service pack 2 and higher operating systems. The role of the Windows Security Center is to ensure maximum protection for your computer. It monitors your security program and gives you pop-up messages when ever any feature of the antivirus program is disabled. In Windows vista, the Windows Security Center plays a role of browser protection to ensure that the websites you visit are safe. It ensures that Windows is updated and that fixes many errors and adds new features. Windows Security Center works as a part of your operating system. It is automatically updated when you run Windows update.

Following are features and benefits of Windows Security Center:

  • Security software monitoring

  • Firewall and antimalware

  • Windows update

Security software monitoring

Your antivirus program would have many features like firewall, antispyware, antivirus etc. Your computer is safe until these features are turned on but there are some viruses designed to disable the features of your antivirus program. You might not notice that some your antivirus features are disabled and as a result your computer is hacked or infected by threats. The security monitoring feature of Windows Security Center works with your antivirus program, it monitors the features of your antivirus program and gives you pop-up messages if any of the feature is disabled. Hence you can take necessary actions to fix the issue before your computer is infected.

Firewall and antimalware

Hackers and intruders get in your computer through communication ports. Windows Firewall monitors each and every communication ports, hence the attack from the hackers and intruders are blocked in the entire level. Antimalware feature is included with Windows Security Center in Windows Vista. Antimalware makes sure that your computer is not infected by fake programs and malware. So, your computer is safe.
Windows update

Microsoft has always worked to improve the existing features on all Windows operating systems and they release patches to fix through Windows update. Windows Security Center in Windows XP ensures that the operating system is updated at regular intervals and enhances features of your Windows operating system.
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