Importance of Windows® Security Updates

What are the tips to get updates for Windows security?

Windows Security Center makes your computer secure and protected by informing you when your security software is out of date or when your security settings should be strengthened. The Security Center in Windows informs your firewall settings and tells you whether your PC is ready to receive automatic software updates from Microsoft. It shows the position of software designed to protect against spyware, your Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8 security settings, and User Account Control. The Windows Security Center can verify security products from multiple companies and show you which are enabled and up-to-date. The Windows Update in your system keeps your computer up-to-date and secure by automatically downloading and installing the latest security and feature updates from Microsoft. Windows Update finds which updates are applicable to your computer. This helps to ensure that both Important and recommended updates are downloaded and installed in your Windows Operating system.

Following are the tips to get updates for Windows security:

  • Enabling Windows automatic updating

  • Know about latest security issues

  • Sign up for e-mail security newsletter

Enabling Windows automatic updating

The Windows security updates helps in protecting against new and ongoing threats to your privacy and to your computer. So by turning on Windows automatic updating, you will get security updates for Windows. It lets you stay informed of security issues in the system. When you turn on automatic updating, Windows will automatically install important updates including security updates and recommended updates for your PC as they are released by Microsoft.

Know about latest security issues

The users could learn about new security updates, find articles and security tips, and get answers to security-related questions by visiting the manufacturer’s website. It provides a free monthly Security Newsletter. It offers tools such as alert service, monthly webcast, blog, and Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds to help you stay update with security-related updates and information for Windows.
Sign up for e-mail security newsletter

The users could sign up for Microsoft Online Safety which is free and provides monthly e-mail security newsletter. The website consists of security tools, scan and updates. With this you could get a free PC safety scan for Windows Vista and Windows 7. You could also get security updates from Microsoft Update. It provides answers to frequently asked questions on security topics.
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