Bluetooth® Software Updates

Tips for installing Bluetooth Software Updates

Bluetooth is a means of wireless exchange of data over short distances. This can be done from devices that have Bluetooth enabled into them. Bluetooth has a capability of pairing and connecting to the devices spanning a short area by forming a Personal Area Network (PAN). Bluetooth can be used to connect to several devices at the same time without the problem of proper synchronization. There is no specific Master-Slave relation between the hardware devices that are connected to each other. The Bluetooth connectivity can be integrated into devices such as desktops and notebooks that lack them. This can be done with the help of Bluetooth adapters and Dongles.

Following section describes the tips to download and install Bluetooth software updates and the benefits and importance of this software:

  • Downloading Bluetooth Software Updates

  • Installing Bluetooth Software Updates

  • Benefits and Importance of the Software

Downloading Bluetooth Software Updates

Bluetooth software is provided by the manufacturer, but incase, it is not available you can easily acquire this from the Internet. Visit the site of the manufacturer to obtain the software for the device and download it. In the case of reinstalling or formatting the laptop or desktops, the Bluetooth software can be lost in the process; you can visit the company’s website to obtain the software.

Installing Bluetooth Software Updates

If the system has an embedded Bluetooth adapter or the Bluetooth device is a plugged in USB Bluetooth adapter, then verify if the hardware is connected to the system. Download the set-up from the website such as Broadcom, run the set-up of the Bluetooth software to install it onto the system and run the wizard to set-up the Bluetooth environment and synchronize with other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Benefits and Importance of the Software

The data which was initially transferred by a wired data transfer, Bluetooth can send it between devices without using any wires. The updated new versions of Bluetooth devices can send data at rates of 2Mbit/s and version 3.0 can send 24Mbit/s. The Bluetooth connection establishes a secure network between the devices. It can be used to establish an immediate network between devices which can transfer information and break away once the connection is done. The Bluetooth drivers can be updated so that the connection can be established between new devices without any problem.

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