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There are millions and millions of software available on the web. Some of them are freeware while, others are shareware. Almost all of these software are supported by Windows® because; it is the most extensively used operating system all over the world. These software are used to perform different tasks. But, sometimes there comes some sort of problems with these software. These problems are of diverse nature.

Tips to fix common computer software program problems and some of the common causes of these are discussed in the following points.

  • Problems

  • Causes

  • Solutions


The most common problem with the software the user installs is the compatibility issue. One must make sure to install the program on to correct specifications. For better understanding let us take an example of a game. New games require Windows® XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista® or Windows® 7. If a computer user tries to run the game on a Windows® XP Service Pack 1 then, the game would not load because, the games’ engine cannot run on SP1.

The second most common issue relating to computer software is bug. It goes without saying that ‘Nothing is perfect’. Same is the case with computer programs. When software is sent to market it is tested before. But, later feedback of the users tells about the problems they are facing. These are called bug reports and a bug can be defined as anything, which makes the software perform in an unexpected way. Furthermore, another common issue with software is frequent crashing. This is a serious problem and must be dealt with. Apart from this, many programs requiring an Internet connection stop working and get held. These are some of the common issues relating to software.


The cause of the first problem is not updating to the latest service pack available. The causes of the second problem are various. It can be due to compatibility or the software might not have the required specifications or any external or internal factor is stopping the software. The third problem is due to the blockage due to any antivirus or firewall installed on the system.


The solution to the first is simple. The user needs to upgrade the Windows® to the latest service pack available. For the second problem, the software company strives hard to make a better product. The user must make sure that he is using the latest version of the software. If the user is confronting the Internet problem then he has to make sure that the antivirus or the firewall he is using is allowing access to the program to connect to the Internet. This would solve all the issues related to the computer software.

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