Firefox® Software Updates

Tips for Firefox® Software Updates

Firefox® software is a free and open source web browser. With Firefox® software, you can view web pages faster by using less computer memory. Firefox® supports most of the basic web standards like HTML, XML, JavaScript, MathML, etc. The amazing feature of Firefox® is that thousands of add-ons give you the freedom to personalize your browser. If one of the commonly used plug-ins freezes, it won’t affect the rest of Firefox®. You can simply reload the page to restart the plug-in and try again. Updating Firefox® can be done in two ways, automatic updates, and manual check for updating. Firefox® is not currently available on any mobile devices.

Some of the things to memorize while downloading and installing Firefox® software and the needs and benefits of installing Firefox® are:

  • Need for installing Firefox®

  • Benefits of installing Firefox®

  • Tips for installing Firefox®

Need for installing Firefox®

By using Firefox®, you can enjoy advanced protection against online bad guys with Firefox® installation. Also it provides uninterrupted browsing for Windows® and Linux® users. Firefox® has a very good memory management technique. The XPCOM cycle collector in the Firefox® continuously cleans up unused memory. It provides high speed for viewing web pages.

Benefits of installing Firefox®

Installation of previous version of Firefox® might affect the system performance. New versions have many added features like, tabbed browsing, spell checking, private browsing, incremental find, live bookmarking, and download manager etc. You can prevent spyware through Firefox® installation. The latest version of Firefox® becomes more powerful than currently available versions of Firefox® due to the inclusion of many new features.

Tips for installing Firefox®

For installing previous version you should first go to Mozilla® FTP server and choose the version that you want. For the installation of new versions, first you visit Firefox® download page and select the version from this page. Then you can see a welcome screen and here standard set-up gets selected by default, which will install Firefox® with recommended configuration that will work for most users. Once the installation process is completed, close the set-up wizard by clicking 'Finish'.

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