Install Graphics Card

Learn about installing graphics card.

A graphics card is an integrated circuit which is used in a computer to display various types of pictures on the monitor. Most of the graphics card follow the VGA standard and support various resolution settings. It is a physical device which is easy to swap. It is just an expansion card.

The issues that can occur while installing graphics card and tips to fix and prevent such issues are discussed over here.

  • Types of graphics card and slots

  • Installation of graphics card

  • Precaution to be taken for installation

Types of graphics card and slots

There are mainly two types of graphics card, i.e. AGP or a PCI card. If anyone wants the graphics card same like the previous one then the slot should be looked before starting. PCI graphics card is the older type of card. But there are some modern cards, which are built in PCI slots like GeForce® 2 MX. Modern motherboard which is not inbuilt with onboard video is all fitted with AGP port. This is because graphics cards are most often produced in AGP version and PCI is the secondary option. This is because of AGB Bus can provide greater memory bandwidth.

Installation of graphics card

Graphics card cannot work, unless the graphics card driver is installed in a computer. Graphics card driver is software, which needs to be installed in the computer for using the graphics card fully functional. There are some procedures of installing the graphics card driver. At first, the set-up file has to be taken in a CD or DVD. Then the disc has to be inserted into the computer. The set-up program has to be run then. First of all, any pre-installed driver which is installed before in the computer has to be removed. If the driver is getting installed in Widows® XP operating system then the system will automatically lead the user to the final step. The system will automatically detect the graphics card after installing the driver. Alternatively, the driver can be also installed by entering the control panel. After entering the control panel clicks on the “add/remove hardware” option. The system will start to detect new software. If the system cannot find any driver then it will show a list of drivers from where the graphics driver can be chosen. There might be another option to add a driver in that section. The proper graphics card should be located from the list of existing drivers to begin installation.

Precaution to be taken for installation

There are some pre-cautions should be taken when working with graphics card. All the power cables connected to the computer should be removed from the computer. PCI slots have to be handled very carefully, because the pins of the PCI slot are very soft.

These are the basic procedures of installing a graphics card in a computer.

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