Download And Install Internet Explorer® 8

Do you want to know the new and improved features of Internet Explorer® 8? Are you facing any problem with the installation of IE 8.0?

Windows® Internet Explorer® 8 is the most recent web browser that is developed by Microsoft®. IE8 was meant for Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® Server 2003, Windows® 7, and Windows® Server 2008 and is available for 32-bit and 64-bit respectively. IE 8 is better standards compliant compare to the earlier version of the Internet Explorer®. This implies that the pages written to standards will work much better with the IE8. The cross-browser compatibility over here is very much simple since the users do not have to modify the pages for the sake of displaying it on particular browsers.

In this section we will discuss about the key features of this recent web browser. It is definitely successor of Internet Explorer® 7 and contains many new features. The key features are:

  • Activities

  • WebSlices

  • Favorites Bar

  • Automatic Crash Recovery

  • Improved Phishing Filter

  • SmartScreen Filter

  • InPrivate Filtering


The activities are services, which helps to access any new service from a particular webpage. Users generally copy the content from one webpage and paste it to another. IE8 Activities makes this functionality much easier and lucid.


The webslices enable the websites to connect their users. It behaves like feeds where users can subscribe for receiving information on the new updates and modifications.

Favorites Bar

In IE 7, the links bar allows the users to access their favorite sites with just a click. In IE 8.0 it has undergone a complete makeover and the name is changed to Favorites bar, which enables the users to connect the bar and access all the favorite contents like feeds, links, WebSlices, and also Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® Power Point®, and Microsoft® Word documents.

Automatic Crash Recovery

Automatic Crash Recovery is a new feature that helps to protect the record of productivity and prevent the work loss due to browser crashing or hanging. It provides a new crash recovery capability that reduces the disruption to user’s browsing session.

Improved Phishing Filter

Internet Explorer® 8 incorporate an enhanced feature on Phishing Filter called the “Safety Filter” that helps to save the user’s personal or the financial information from stealing.

SmartScreen Filter

The SmartScreen Filter feature blocks the fraud sites and thus prevents the hackers and dangerous sites on sending viruses and thieve the user’s personal information.

InPrivate Filtering

InPrivate Filtering of Internet Explorer® 8 maintains a record of the third party items when the user browses. It is also capable of blocking the websites, which disclose the third party contents.

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