Fix the issue of Mozilla® Firefox® not working

Do you want to know the reasons for Mozilla Firefox not working? Learn how to troubleshoot the problem

Mozilla Firefox is a browser with many new features when compared to other browsers available today. The browser might come up with issues like slow page loading, slow launch, unstable, crashing etc. Sometimes the Firefox browser might not start up and you might face errors while loading websites in the browser. Sometimes the browser might come up with issues like freezing, hanging or stop working. The browser sometimes uses large amount of CPU resources and you might not able to save or download files using this browser. Sometimes you might not be able to install themes or extensions or plug-ins in the Firefox browser. You can also encounter problems like messages that say "Java console is incompatible" after updating Firefox.

Following are the different problems that might occur while using the Firefox browser:

  • Freezing of Firefox

  • Not working after upgrading

  • Crashing of Firefox

Freezing of Firefox

The Firefox might freeze suddenly while you are doing some tasks. This freezing may occur due to incompatible themes, extensions, or programming errors in plug-ins. The add ons in the browser can be another cause for the freezing issue. You will then have to try the safe mode for temporarily disabling extensions, themes and toolbar changes. The safe mode is a particular mode which can be used for troubleshooting issues with Mozilla Firefox. In this mode, you could reset some settings or disable add-ons which cause freezing of the browser.

Not working after upgrading

Sometimes if the bookmarks or toolbar are not functioning properly, you can exit all the programs including the process of Firefox. You should also check for the incompatible extensions in the browser if any. If you have installed Norton 360, then update it. If that does not work, you will have to remove the Norton component from Firefox. This would fix the problem of Firefox not working after upgrading.

Crashing of Firefox

Crashing of the Mozilla Firefox browser can also occur due to the memory leaks. The reason for the memory leak is because the browser might not free the unused memory which is reserved for specific tasks. The crash occurs in the computer which has a memory of 512MB or less. The download history in the PC can also result in the crashing of Firefox. You also need to uninstall redundant plug-ins and thus minimize the crash by updating the installed plug-ins.

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