Fix Errors While Installing Internet Explorer® 7

You may receive some sort of error message when you attempt to install Internet Explorer® 7. There are several options to overcome the problems you may face. We are going to go through the beginner to intermediate level troubleshooting options. These problems could be caused by some different things, so we are going to go through the most common problems that arise when you are doing the installation. Learn how to fix them by following ways:

  • Restoring Security Settings

  • Do a scan of your computer for a virus or malware

  • Temporarily disable your security software

Restoring Security Settings

It is important to remember that after changes to your security settings you are not able to undo any of the changes without first restoring your computer from a backup. Prior to changing anything, make sure that you have a back up of your computer settings.

To restore your computer to the default settings, select ‘Start’, and then select ‘Run’, and then type cmd. Once you have done that, a command prompt window will open up on your desktop. In that window type: (secedit /configure /cfg %windir%infdefltbase.inf /db defltbase.sdb /verbose)

When you have typed that in, press ‘Enter’. You will get a message that says “Task is Completed”. You will also receive a warning that tells you that there was something that couldn’t be completed. You can dismiss this message with no repercussions. After you have done this, try to reinstall Internet Explorer® 7.

Do a scan of your computer for a virus or malware

The way by which you can scan your computer will depend on the type of security software that you have installed. Before you run a scan on your computer, make sure that your definitions are up to date. Most security programs automatically update their definitions, if yours does not, then you can get the latest definitions from the publisher’s website. Once you scan your computer check the results and see if you have some form of malicious software that would prevent you from installing Internet Explorer® 7.

Temporarily disable your security software

Your security software is there to protect your computer from attacks and/or malicious software. Sometimes it does the job too well. Some security programs can be labeled as overprotective. This could be the issue that you are experiencing. Before you disable your security program, make sure that you have Internet Explorer® 7 downloaded. Once you have disabled your security program, and then try to install Internet Explorer® 7.

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