How to get missing content advisor information on Internet Explorer® 6?

Are you eager to know the process of locating the missing content advisor information on Internet Explorer 6?

The Content Advisor information on Internet Explorer 6 may end up with some unwanted consequences at the time when you make an attempt to get into the webpages using Internet Explorer on your computer. The problem of the Content Advisor information missing in Internet Explorer 6 arises when somebody tries to interfere with the settings of the Content Advisor information in Internet Explorer 6. It may also take place in case the Ratings.pol file is spoiled or dented or even the C:Windows folder holds one more Ratings.pol file. This is primarily used by the user to block the contents of the adult related substances on the web. This issue can be repaired successfully just by following the steps which are provided below:

  • Try to enable the Content Advisor

  • Use the registry editor to resolve the problem

  • Fix the ratings.pol file from the C Drive

Try to enable the Content Advisor

This the easiest approach to this problem where you need to open the Control Panel of your computer and click on the 'Internet Options'. Find the 'Content' tab and click on the option 'Enable' that appears in the box followed by other necessary alterations which you find is important. The computer may ask for the supervisor password which should be available with you.

Use the registry editor to resolve the problem

If the problem still persists, go ahead and open the Run command box and type in "regedit" which will open the Registry Editor of your computer. Just click on the plus sign that appears on the left side of the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and continue doing the same thing even with these items one by one Software, Microsoft, Windows, Current Version and Policies. Now click on the Ratings folder in order to select the file which would appear on the right side of the window. Just right click on the icon and select the option Delete, which would erase the supervisor password from the Content Advisor. Come back to the desktop and see whether your Internet connection is getting initialized.

Fix the Ratings.pol file from the C Drive

In case there is any corrupt or removed Rating.pol file, it can be repaired by going to the Folder options from My Computer and select the View tab to ensure all the files and folders are chosen including the hidden ones. Now go ahead and open the C: Drive of your computer and click on the Windows Folder followed by the System folder. Here, look for the Rating.pol file which should be renamed to Ratings.old and come out. Before you try connecting to the Internet, you need to go to the Internet Options once and click on the Content tab to enter the settings of the Content Advisor information. Now put in your supervisor password if you intend to, or else you can even select the disable option from the Content Tab page. Choose the rating options as per your requirements and click on Ok to exit from this box.

Now it is important to restart the computer once, to put in place all the changes that have been made so far. As the computer boots up, open the Internet Explorer and see if you can connect to the websites

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