How to select the file download location in Firefox®?

Are you interested to find out how to select file download location in Firefox®, tips and issues related to it?

Firefox® will automatically download files to a location that is default. It could be either to desktop, considering user’s operating system or to a download folder which is special unless Firefox® is set to ask where to effectively save each and every file. However, sometimes Firefox® may fail to download which may be due to many download location factors either the download folder is containing many images or it may be corrupt or even inaccessible or eventually folder may not be existing any longer. In this section, how to select the file download location for Firefox® is explained and the tips and issues related to it are discussed. They are:

  • Resetting the download folder in Firefox®

  • Clearing download history in Firefox®

  • Major useful instant steps by Firefox®

Resetting the download folder in Firefox®

Firefox® may effectively have lost the track of the folders that are used for download specifically in the directory. The issue will appear as Firefox® may not be functioning or it exhibits that nothing is being downloaded. There is a simple solution involved where eventually the option of always asks me where to save files has to be selected. In case, user finds problems, he or she can restore the download folder settings as the default Firefox® by entering “config” in the address bar. The user can reset all the preferences of his or her choice as per Firefox® defaults. Moreover, user can choose a valid download folder in the Safari® preferences – Mac®. If there occurs any error, then to fix the problem on Mac® OS x 10.4 the Safari® preferences is to be opened and the save download files is to be checked. Then user has to select a valid directory like your desktop. It is to be noted that Safari® does not control the default download location specifically in Leopard®.

Clearing download history in Firefox®

In Firefox®, if clearing the list leads to the crash of the browser then the download history has to be deleted manually, three steps need to be followed for this. Initially the user has to choose exit Firefox® completely, next open the Firefox® profile folder and eventually delete downloads “rdf file”. The improvement in Firefox® 3 has made it easy to manually delete “downloads.sqlitefile”. The exception is in the case of the files getting corrupted. If clearing download history will resolve the issues then Firefox® can be set to save a download history in privacy option for history. The procedures involved are highly different in Firefox® 2, 3 and 3.5 or above.

Major useful instant steps by Firefox®

Firefox® provides instant repair in case of management of files that are corrupted or damaged. They include the change or reset actions for the file types, detecting corrupt files in Mac®, removing download manager plug-in, disabling add-ons, temporarily disabling the antivirus, disabling virus scanning in Firefox®, enabling the downloads that are blocked by security zone policy, bypassing the Windows® security policy check and last but not least resetting the system of settings in Internet security.

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