How to set the currently opened web page as the home page in Safari® 3?

Are you interested to explore how to set the currently opened webpage as homepage in Safari® 3, its features and benefits?

Safari® is effectively an Internet web browser which is included with Mac® OSX. It is integrated with exceptional features that will help the user to increase its online experience tremendously. In addition, user can utilize tabbed browsing to reduce on window clutter, block pop-up windows and form widgets from websites. Moreover, it will efficiently fill the personal information of the user when he or she is making purchases online. Thus, in this section the setting of the currently opened webpage as homepage in Safari® 3 is described and its features and benefits are explored. They are:

  • Customizing and personalizing the experience of browsing with Safari® 3

  • Setting up Safari® 3 as a homepage

  • Innumerable benefits of Safari® 3

Customizing and personalizing the experience of browsing with Safari® 3

Safari® 3 is mainly included with Mac® OS x 10.4; Mac® OS x 10.5 and Mac® OS plus software. These are primarily the elements that can make up a Safari® window where some of the essential elements can be highly customized by the user. These elements are collectively and popularly called toolbars which cover the back or forward, stop or reload, open in dashboard and bookmark buttons. In addition, there are address (URL) feed, RSS feed button or snapback back buttons and Google search field. Moreover, bookmarks bar, webpage content, scroll bar and resize controls can also be customized in Safari® 3.

Setting up Safari® 3 as a homepage

A homepage is basically the webpage that the browser of user will start on as he or she opens a new windows. There are simple steps involved where the user will navigate the webpage in case he or she will like to set it as homepage from the menu of Safari®. The preferences have to be chosen and then command and comma keys are to be pressed. Then general icons and set to the current page is to be clicked and the preferences windows are to be closed. Later, the user can invariably make Safari® windows smaller or larger by clicking to resize control icon. Moreover, the webpage text size can be highly altered. The toolbar can be customized. The user can simply drag his or her favorite item into toolbar or grandly arrange the toolbar.

Innumerable benefits of Safari® 3

Safari® 3 can make browsing private where the items are automatically removed from download windows, the information’s for auto fill are not saved, cookies are not retained and searches are not added to cache files to popup menu in search box of Google. It has a clear history tool which will automatically clear history for a certain period of time where choice of preferences can be opted from Safari® menu. There is option of blocking or not blocking the popup windows. Adding bookmarks is easy in the browser, where webpage is bookmarked so that the user can instantly navigate it without typing URL. It will instantly detect word or phrase in webpage. It will add new clips to dashboard. It offers tabbed browser which lets user to switch amongst many web pages from a single Safari® window. Safari® 3 in Mac® OSX 10.4 offers really simple syndication of RSS article feeds. It will allow user to view content of multiple websites in one window. The browser provides e-mails, web pages, searches and snapback button. For online shoppers Safari® 3 is a boom it will instantly and automatically fill information of the user in required webpage fields.

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