How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 7 Using ”spuninst.exe”?

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If you are looking for the complete solution on how to uninstall Internet Explorer® 7, then follow the easy 5-step resolution and you can easily remove Internet Explorer® 7 from your system using ‘spuninst.exe’.

Internet Explorer® 7 is another version of the popular Internet Explorer® web browser and works on all versions on Windows® operating system.

Each step is accompanied by an indicative screenshot for ease of mirroring the action.

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Step 1

Go to ”Folder Options” in ”My Documents”
Go to ”Start” and click ”My Documents.” Under the ”Tools” menu, click ”Folder Options.”

Step 2

Show ”Hidden Files and Folders”
Click the ”View” tab and go to the ”Advanced Settings” list. Under ”Hidden Files and Folders”, click ”Show Hidden Files and Folders”. Click ”OK.”

Step 4

Go to ”spuninst.exe”
In the ”Open” box, type ”%windir%ie7spuninstspuninst.exe” and then click ”OK”.

Step 5

Follow Wizard to Uninstall IE 7
Follow the wizard instructions to uninstall Internet Explorer®7.

You have successfully uninstalled Internet Explorer® 7 from your computer. After doing this, we recommend you to double-click on the Internet Explorer® icon to verify that the previous version of Internet Explorer® has been restored.

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