Features and Optimization of Internet Explorer® 7

Features of an optimized Internet Explorer® 7. Do you want to know how an optimized Internet Explorer® 7 can better your surfing experience?

Internet Explorer® 7, is a web browser introduced by Microsoft® in October 2006. It is an updated version of Internet Explorer® 6and is the default browser on Windows Vista® and Windows Server® 2008. It has some advanced features to match the current industry standards. It provides optimum privacy and security from malicious software and prevents possible data theft. It makes it easier for the users to search for a particular web page with its advance browser facility and offers greater usability for platform development.

Internet Explorer® 7 contains a number of advanced features. Among these, three vital features are discussed here:

  • Protects against unreliable sites
  • Enhances web development
  • Supports 4.0 HTML with tabbed browsing

Protects against unreliable sites

Internet Explorer® 7 provides greater security from the unsecured sites compared to Internet Explorer® 6. It prevents phishing attacks from such websites by setting the group policy and enhancing the capability of the system administrator. With this feature, Internet Explorer® 7 has arrived as an exclusive phishing filter mechanism for the computer users. This mechanism facilitates the users to get the optimum benefits from a secured site, since they can solely depend on the additional control of the environment.

Enhances web development

The aim of web development is to create an advanced site with all possible information and attractive features. The advance display facility of Internet Explorer® 7 encourages web developers to create more colorful sites. You can also browse through the existing content on the web while developing the new one. It also allows other different applications to run along with the browser. With this feature, network administrators can now control many computers simultaneously.

Supports 4.0 HTML with tabbed browsing

Internet Explorer® 7 supports the ABBR tag which can be designed with the CSS. This tag also supports other elements of different tags. Internet Explorer® 7 facilitates searching on the web with its tabbed browsing facility. It can simultaneously control more than one web page. You can open a group of web pages simultaneously. The users can easily access its features like History, Web Feeds and Favorites while surfing various websites.

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