Features and limitations of Internet Explorer® 8

Are you puzzled about Internet Explorer® 8, its features, limitations, customization, and uninstallation?

Internet Explorer® 8 beta, which is today widely available for instant download. This browser with super features has many enhancements. But unfortunately this browser has its limitations too. Here we will essentially cover the three main aspects of Internet Explorer® 8, its features, limitations and its customization plus uninstallation.


  • Features of Internet Explorer® 8
  • Limitations of Internet Explorer® 8
  • Customization and uninstallation of Internet Explorer® 8

Features of Internet Explorer® 8

Internet Explorer® 8 is by default integrated with standards and its most important key is its compatibility mode. Internet Explorer® 8 is more complying nature with standard of CSS. This browser has made life easier. The developer will have an easy version to develop, scale up and maintain it effectively as less time is required to write. Internet Explorer® 8 security is concentrates on keeping ActiveX® better targeted. Internet Explorer® 8 allows both the applications; pre use and per site ActiveX®. In addition, it is incorporated with DEP/NX code that is leveraging Windows Vista®. It unlocks web for more accessibility and supports W3C ARIA specifications. Moreover, it makes advanced web content accessible.

Limitations of Internet Explorer® 8

Internet Explorer® 8, increases the speed of the browser and simultaneously connects with single host but this leads to severe service interruptions for the user. These limitations can be clearly shown at many points. However, the most disappointing limitation is the web server. The visit to the most advanced web browser has caused a severe impact on Apache server. It was indicated that when browsers utilize 6 connections per host rather than 2, the default connection limits were increased.

Customization and un-installation of Internet Explorer® 8

You can easily customize Internet Explorer® 8 the way you want. However, customization of Internet Explorer® 8 by IEAK that is Internet Explorer® Installation Kit offers added benefits of customization. As far as uninstallation or removal of Internet Explorer® 8 is concerned, you will have to definitely install a browser usually a third party. You have to essentially log in Windows® as administrator. Moreover, if you install Internet Explorer® 8 before installation of Service Pack 3 (SP3) for Windows® XP you cannot uninstall Internet Explorer® 8, unless you initially uninstall SP3.

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