Remove Website From Allow Pop-Ups List In Internet Explorer® 8

We are all familiar with pop-ups, those mini-browser Windows® that appear when you visit a specific site. In most cases, these are advertisements or promotions that distract you from your surfing experience. Pop-ups have also been associated with harmful malware and spyware. Luckily, your Internet Explorer® 8 comes with an in-built pop-up blocker. This function allows you to block all pop-ups from all sites. It also helps you to allow certain sites to have active pop-ups. Read on to know about:

  • Reasons for allowing pop-ups

  • Adding a website to the allow list

  • Removing a website from the allow list

Reasons for allowing pop-ups

As you may have experienced, pop-ups can be annoying and are unwanted. However, certain websites use pop-ups for legitimate functions. For example, if you download files from certain websites, a new pop-up window opens to allow the transfer process. In other cases, sites may use pop-ups to highlight offers you could be interested in, or to open secure browser Windows for online transactions. In any case, you should be able to use IE 8 tools to manage your pop-up experience.

Adding a website to the allow list

In IE 8, the default settings allow pop-ups to open if you click an active link or button on a specific website. In the case of a site trying to open an automatic pop-up, the Information bar shows details with options for ‘Temporarily Allow Pop-ups’ and ‘Always Allow Pop-ups from this Site’. Another way is to use the ‘Pop-up Blocker’ feature in the ‘Tools’ section of IE 8. You will see a box for ‘Address of website to allow’. Enter the URL of your chosen website and click ‘Add’. Finish by clicking ‘Close’. Any websites on this allow list will now automatically allow pop-ups.

Removing a Website from the Allow List

At some point, you may be required to remove a website from the allow pop-ups list. This could be because the site is no longer used by you, or the pop-up features have now changed. In some cases, new advertising practices can also force you to remove a site from the list. The actual procedure is the opposite of adding a website to the allow list. Go back to the ‘Pop-up Blocker’ tool in IE 8 and de-select any website(s) that you want to block from displaying pop-ups. Click ‘Close’ and you are done.

However, the people creating pop-up technology keep trying to find ways to force pop-ups to appear, even in IE 8. A professional support team can help you optimize your pop-up blocker for increased security and better Internet experience.

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